Lorenzo Antipasti Caldi Description

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  1. Polenta Fritta - tomato sauce $12

  2. Zucchini Fritti - garlic herb sauce $12

  3. Fritti Misti - calamari, shrimp, zucchini, polenta $15

  4. Charred Carrots - goat cheese, almonds, balsamico $11
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    • Carrots are sliced longwise, blanched and then tossed with lemon juice, Primolio EV Olive Oil and parsley. Then, they are charred a la plancha.
    • They are served with whipped goat cheese, toasted almonds, and aged Aceto Balsamico.
  5. Nonna’s Meatballs - spicy tomato, pecorino Romano $14
    • First, we braise our oxtail in San Marzano tomatoes, garlic, olive oil and chili, then pick the meat from the tail and add:
      • pork shoulder,
      • veal brisket,
      • milk-soaked bread (Zack's),
      • Pecorino Romano cheese,
      • garlic,
      • salt and
      • Calabrian chili (where the spiciness comes from).
    • The meatballs themselves are seared in olive oil, and garnished with parsley and pecorino Romano cheese.
    • We reuse the resulting sauce to braise the oxtail.
  6. Seared Octopus - tomato sauce $16
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    • The tentacles are first marinated for 2-4 hrs in white wine, bay leaves, thyme and Primolio EV Olive Oil.
    • Then, we lightly char the octopus and add it to freshly sautéed fingerling potatoes, jalapenos, and garlic.
    • Finally, the mix is deglazed with Sambuca and lemon juice.
    • They are garnished with Primolio EV Olive Oil and rucola.
  7. Lamb Ribs - harissa–pomegranate, cucumber, mint $18
    • These Colorado Lamb ribs are first brined in salt, water, sugar, and herbs overnight.
    • Then it’s seared and braised in our tomato sauce, mirepoix, red wine and stock.
    • We then reduce the braising liquid and add pomegranate juice and harissa paste.
    • Finally, they are charred to order and thrown in the marinade and grilled.
    • They are served with thinly-sliced cucumbers, tossed in Primolio EV Olive Oil, vinegar and sea salt, with a tzatziki (yogurt, mint) sauce.
  8. Clams Casino - pancetta, Tuscan pane, rooftop marjoram $17
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    • The littleneck clams are hand-shucked from the shell.
    • The stuffing is made from:
      • clam stock,
      • pancetta (Italian unsmoked bacon),
      • shallots deglazed with white wine,
      • breadcrumbs,
      • Parmiggiano Reggiano,
      • marjoram,
      • lemon juice & zest.
      Then they are topped with more pancetta and Parmigiano Reggiano and baked in the pizza oven.
    • They are served on a bed of rock salt.
  9. Shrimp Polpette - spicy tomato onion sauce $16

  10. Eggplant Parmigiana - tomato, basil, mozzarella $15
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    • The eggplant is rubbed with salt and left overnight to draw out the bitterness and intensify the flavor. It also makes the eggplant absorb less oil because it draws out the air pockets.
    • The eggplant is then sliced, dredged in flour, then iced water, then flour again.
    • It’s then deep-fried in oil, and layered with San Marzano tomatoes sauce, Parmiggiano Reggiano, basil and mozzarella Fior di latte.
    • Fior di Latte mozzarella means “milk flower” and refers to its milky flavor.
    • Note: Chef Sarah takes this recipe straight from a restaurant in Rome where she used to work, called "Grano". A little different from the breadcrumb-coated oily dish that we’re used to in America.
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