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  1. What is the function of carbohydrates (3)
    • -source of energy
    • -source of fibre
    • -structure and protection
  2. define glycolysis
    break down of sugars to produce energy
  3. define simple carbs
    • -are usually found in foods wth fewer nutrients, and tend to be less satisfying and more fattening
    • -provides a quick source of energy
    • -followed by a lull of low energy
  4. define complex carbs
    • -usually healthy foods, are high in fibre, and contain many other nutrients and minerals
    • -they contain nutrients, such as protein and fats, in moderation
    • -long sustained energy
  5. types of simple carbs
    • -monosaccharides
    • -disaccharides
  6. define monosaccharides
    a single ring sugar unit that is the base molecule for complex carbs
  7. examples of monosaccharides
    • -glucose
    • -fructose
    • -galactose
  8. define hexose
    a 6 carbon sugar ring
  9. examples of hexose
    • -glucose
    • -fructose
    • -galactose
  10. define pentose
    a 5 carbon sugar ring
  11. examples of pentose
    • -ribose
    • -deoxyribose
  12. define disaccharides
    sugar containing 2 units that are formed when sugar units are bonded by a glycosidic link
  13. examples of disaccharides
    • -maltose
    • -lactose
    • -sucrose
  14. define dehydration synthesis
    when 2 substances merge together by removing a water molecule
  15. define hydrolysis
    a large molecule breaks apart using a water molecule
  16. define cellulose (4)
    • -tough structure parts of plants
    • -major component in the cell wall
    • -makes up wood and back
    • -fibre in our diets
  17. define chitin
    tough polysaccharide that is made of glucose subunits that have nitrogen functional group attached
  18. what is the functions of lipids (5)
    • -energy storage
    • -protect and insulate cells
    • -make up membranes
    • -dissolves fat-soluble vitamins
    • -hormones
  19. what is the structure of lipids (2)
    • -long chains of C, H, O  
    • -hydrophobic
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