Activity 29

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  1. What is anxiety?
    Condition of feeling uneasy or worried about what may happen.
  2. Does anxiety have a positive or negative results? Explain.
    Both: can increase motivation and enhance performance or keep you alert in risky situation, can get in the way of performance by making you nervous.
  3. List three examples of anxiety.
    Rapid heart rate



  4. List three ways to manage the occasional sad mood that lasts for a few days.
    Write your feelings in a journal 



    Talk about your feelings
  5. What is depression?
    Prolonged feeling of helplessness, hopelessness, and sadness.
  6. What is the difference between reactive depression and major depression?
    Reactive Depression: occurs as a response to stressful events, most times it goes away as the person finds a way to manage the event. 

    Major Depression: is not easily, it is a medical condition requires treatment, it is more severe and last much longer.
  7. List four ways to overcome social anxiety?
    Start small smile and nods 

    Speak in a louder voice and make eye contact

    Ask open ended questions 

    Practice the conversation and positive thinking skills
  8. List five symptoms of teen depression.

    Change in appetite and weight

    Sense of helplessness 

    Feeling of guilt or worthlessness 

    Withdraw from friends and activities that were once important
  9. Are feelings of anxiety and depression normal?
    Experiencing a few of the symptoms of anxiety and depression once in a while is normal.
  10. When do normal feelings become a cause of concern?
    It is not normal to experience several of them at the same time for 2 weeks or more, when this happens there is a reason to be concerned.
  11. What are three ways that mild forms of anxiety and depressive feelings might be relieved?
    Talking with supportive people 



    More physical activity
  12. When should a person seek professional help with feelings of anxiety and depression?
    When it begins to inference with life in a way that causes difficulty concertraiting in school or environment to perform normal, day to day activities. 

    Signs: changes in mood, sleep patterns, and energy levels.
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