Fundamentals of Allied Health

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  1. -ectomy
    surgical removal, cutting out
  2. -algia
    Suffix meaning pain and suffering
  3. dys-
    prefix meaning bad, difficult, or painful
  4. endo-
    prefix meaning within
  5. exo-
    prefix meaning out of
  6. hyper-
    prefix meaning excessive or increased
  7. hypo-
    deficient, decreased
  8. -itis
  9. -osis
    abnormal condition, disease
  10. -otomy
    suffix meaning cutting or a surgical incision
  11. patho
    combining form meaning disease
  12. -plasty
    suffix meaning surgical repair
  13. -rrhaphy
    surgical suturing
  14. -rrhage
    bleeding, abnormal excessive fluid discharge
  15. -rrhea
    Flow or discharge
  16. Acute
    rapid onset of disease and a relatively short duration
  17. anomaly
    a deviation from normal
  18. anterior
    situated in the front
  19. cephalic
    term meaning toward the head
  20. diarrhea
    the flow of loose or watery stools
  21. distal
    situated farthest from the midline
  22. dysplasia
    abnormal growth of cells, tissue or organs
  23. epigastric
    region located above the stomach
  24. hemorrhage
    loss of large amount of blood in a short time (bursting forth)
  25. Homeostasis
    maintaining a constant internal enviroment
  26. idiopathic
    disorder without known cause
  27. laceration
    torn, ragged wound
  28. nosocomial
    an infection acquired inn a hospital or clinc
  29. proximal
    situated nearest the midline
  30. posterior
    situated in back
  31. triage
    medical screening to determine the priority of treatment
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