Ther-Ex Chapter 7

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  1. What is VOmax
    the measurement of the maximum volume of oxygen consumed per minute during max effort in exercise relative to body weight
  2. Aerobic conditioning will have what kind of physiological results
    increased levels of oxidative enzymes, an increase in size and amount of mitochondria and an increase in muscle fiber capillary supply
  3. What is the difference between muscle and and cardiovascular endurance
    muscle endurance is the ability of of an isolated muscle group to perform repeated contractions, whereas cardio endurance is the ability to perform large muscle dynamic exercises
  4. Which aerobic energy system uses glycogen as fuel and produces lactic acid as a by-product
    Anaerobic Glycolytic
  5. Which energy system has the ability to metabolize oxygen in relation to mitochondria
  6. How many kilocalories are equal to 1 liter of Oconsumed
    5 kilocalories
  7. What does a (MET) represent
    the oxygen consumed in milliliters per kilogram of body weight per minute of activity
  8. What is the range of intensity for aerobic activity
    60%-90% of maximum heart rate
  9. What are the parameters of the borg scale
  10. The average healthy adult should fall between what range on the borg scale
  11. A cool down period after exercise will help what physiological factors in the body
    prevent venous pooling, fainting and enhance recovery period with oxidation of metabolic waste and replacement of energy stores
  12. What are the overload principle intensities required for adaptation to occur
    • untrained person is as low as 60% of MHR
    • healthy young person 70% of MHR is min
    • highly trained 90% of MHR
  13. Under the revrsibility principle, detraining can occur in as little as how many weeks
    2 weeks
  14. What is the basics of the specificity principle
    Train specific for strength or endurance
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