Activity 30

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  1. Define the term resiliency.
    The ability to adapt effectively and recover from disappointment, difficulty, or crisis
  2. Explain why resiliency is a component of good mental health.
    Resilient people are able to handle adversity in healthful ways, and achieve long term success in spite of negative circums
  3. List four external factors that might affect a persons resiliency.



  4. What makes up the internal factors that help you be more resilient?



    Commitment to learning 

    Positive values

    Positive identity
  5. Can you the external factors that influence your level of resiliency?
    External factors are mostly out of a persons control but a person could work to strengthen some of them. 

    Ex: a supportive community is an external factor that May or may not be available to a person.
  6. Can you control the internal factors? Explain
    Regardless of external factors that exists a person does have the power to develop and strengthen internal factors.
  7. What are protective factors?
    Conditions that shield individuals from the negative consequences of exposure to risK.
  8. How can protective factors help guard a person from risk behavior?
    Some times they can reduce the possible harmful effect of a difficult event or risky situation. Other times they help by influencing a person to respond to a situation or risk in a healthy way.
  9. Give eight examples of how a person can work to build protective factors and strengthen resiliency.
    Develop a better relationship with adult members of your family. 

    Develop a sense of purpose. 

    Develop a a positive outlook about your future. 

    Resist negative peer pressure.

    Be honest with yourself and others. 

    Stand up up for your beliefs.

    Make a commitment to learning. 

    Learn to plan ahead. 

    Learn to to make healthy choices.
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