vocab 5

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  1. acclaim
    • loud
    • applause; approval. (When used as a verb, acclaim means “to applaud; to
    • praise”) Jonas Salk won great acclaim for his medical discovery
  2. admonish
    • ]
    • to advise against something; to warn; to scold gently; to urge strongly.  The irate teacher admonished his
    • students about the consequences of throwing spit-balls
  3. .  anthropoid
    • resembling
    • humans.  Assuming an anthropoid
    • posture, Grendal rose onto his rear legs and burst into Herot to attack the
    • sleeping Danes
  4. bizarre
    • strikingly
    • odd in appearance or style; grotesque.  I
    • thought it rather bizarre of Mrs. Greene to will her entire fortune to
    • her cats
  5. .  carping
    • complaining, fault finding.  Even though we enjoyed Cousin Hillary, her
    • constant carping about the weather made us happy when she returned to Oregon.
  6. emulate
    to try to equal or surpass; to imitate.  When they were in high school together, Dudley’s kid brother always tried to emulate him.
  7. hierarchy
    • organization by rank, class, or grade.  In the hierarchy of this company, I’m
    • low man on the totem pole.
  8. judicious
    • wise; careful; showing sound judgment, prudent.  Gary
    • thought it more judicious to speak to his mother rather than father
    • about letting him stay out till 1:00 a.m.
  9. plebeian
    • ] coarse; vulgar. 
    • (from the Latin name for the lower classes).  Despite his cultivated accent and meticulous
    • table manners, Hortence’s plebeian humor revealed a crudeness he could
    • not suppress.
  10. polyglot
    • ] speaking many languages; (n) a mixture of
    • languages; someone who speaks many languages. 
    • Stepping into the London Tube, the tourist was surrounded by the polyglot
    • conversations in languages unknown to him.
  11. .  precocious
    • having or showing much more ability or knowledge
    • than is usual at such a young age; early or prematurely ripe or developed.  The precocious Mozart is said to have
    • composed music at the age of three.
  12. repugnant
    • disgusting;
    • loathsome; objectionable.  The idea of
    • eating snails was repugnant to Herbert who had too vivid memories of
    • poisoning them in his garden.
  13. .  tenuous
    • flimsy,
    • weak.  Under ferocious attack, the Union
    • troops saw their tenuous hold on Little Round Top gradually weakening as
    • the afternoon progressed
  14. .  thwart
    • to oppose directly; to baffle; to block; to
    • frustrate.  The tight defense was able to
    • thwart a touchdown in the last thirty seconds of play.
  15. .  verbatim
    • word
    • for word; exact quotation.  The court
    • recorder read a verbatim transcription of the knave’s response after he
    • denied admitting he had eaten the tarts.
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