Louisa Alcott

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  1. Louisa may Alcott born Nov 29 1832
    my dad is Bronson Alcott 
    my mom abba may Alcott
    met when my dad came to see my uncle
  2. My dad is a teacher , philosoper, and a hard working man who has worked very hard to provide for the family. He learned his abc's and words by writing on the floors as a child before was day in the sand.
  3. My dads favorite book was. Pilgrims progress that also became a family favorite as I was growing up.
  4. I have 3 sisters. Anna who is older who got married and had 2 boys, then me, then my sister Elizabeth who died from scarlet fever as a young adult, the youngest is May who I loved dearly.
  5. I am a very courius , energetic and full of life. I loved running along the banks, hills and through grassy fields with the wind in my hair. When I was 2 and we we're moving I got lost on a steam boat as I went exploring.... i was found in the engine room covered in coal dust but very happy.
  6. Shortly after that I was with my mom walking along the command in Boston near the frog pond.... Well my hand slipped from my moms, I went to the edge , and well splash I fell in, cold, scary, I was not able to swim..or breath I was going to die !!! Until I saw a black face reach in and grab me. A young negro boy saved my life and I never knew his name.
    I had another adventure in Boston when i went exploring  and went through the streets, playing its kids, stray cats and then I grew tired and just sat down...had no idea how to get home. I feel to sleep and when I woke it was to the sound of the town crier talking about me being lost. I walked up and said heY that is me.
  7. As a young girl I learned to spew, clean and help with all sorts of chores, as my mother and father took ill with small post I was by there bed side taking care of them. Al my sisters helped in the shores.
  8. Another story when I was little was about a winter we were so cold and my dad gave away our fire wood to a family more in need..Mormon was not happy. Well by some magic firewood was in our ahead a neighbor had dropped off.... Well dad gave it away again to some one else in need and guess what more fire wood appeared... God Provided.
  9. We were very poor for so long. We all did our part working and trying to help and we never knew we were poor we were great full for what we had. I was old enough to go off to work and I took on helping a family to read to an invalid. Well it was more then that, bed pans, choping word, scrubbing floors. But I just knew my family needed the money. After a month I could not take any more , but agreed to stay on until help arrived...almost a month latter I left and they paid me.....guess what only $4.00 for 2 months work.
  10. I gave money to my family and had given thought to cutting my hair that was so long, darks, think and wonderful. I knew it would bring lots of money but I did not ....god provided in small ways.
  11. My mom and sister became very ill with Scarlett fever when I was away ... I camhome to help. My sister Elizabeth never got better , though I cared for her every day. She died as a young woman.
  12. Our family re abolitionist ...believed in slaves being free. When I was little I heard a noise in the oven...I opened the door and it here where two eyes and a dark face looking a at me. Our home was part of the unground railroad.
  13. my cousin Lizzie lived in Boston and often had me come visit, she would get me tickets for the theater that I loved. Se gave me my first silk fancy dress . Because of her I decided I might be an actress. I tried once Dan right before I was to start my part the director died and the play closed.
  14. my parents had many friends , some of those was Waldo Emerson, and Henry thoreau. These men ...did you know where famous writers? These men helped teach me, helped our family with work and placeS to live. sagas a school girl crush on mr Emerson and wrote him letter , sang to him under his window..he never heard it and gave him flowers.
  15. mr emerson and a daughter Ellen I wrote shorts stories to about flowers and fields. Did you know my dad took these to be published as my first book? Called flowers fables
  16. inAsian 28 years we moved 29 times, most of our homes we rented till we were able to buy our first home.
  17. I had many jobs to try to make money, from teaching at schools, teaching in homes, sewing and some other odds And ends. my dad took some my work to a magazine publisher and he told me. I needed to stick with teaching and I will never be a writer. .... I will be a writer and I will be printed in your magiZine
  18. I wrote all the time, I wrote my first play when I was a little girl... Called rOderigos boots. My sisters and I were all in it and we got a standing ovation. I loved to write, most things just got put up for no one to see...... I wrote in my journals all the time. My mom would find them and write me sweet notes. Many of a book did at start... Many things where published such as moods, and success.
  19. The war started ...the civil war... The one to bring the slaves freedom...I knew I wanted to do something...I was good at nursing. So off to Washington I went. I did all sorts of thiTom. I loved most the people I meet..... Billy the drummer boy who was only 12' and his friend Kit who I knew only through his eyes, the Irishman, the blacksmith , John from Virgina whom I sat by his bed and wrote letters to his familY before he died.
  20. I wrote letters home to my family about all the people and story's of war I heard... Always trying to be upbeat. My dad once again took them to a friend and they were published In a paper called commanwealth. Latter they were put in a book hospital sketches. My time was short there.... And the war had needed and slaves had become free. I had gotten very sick and tried to keep working, I had typhoid fever.
  21. My dad had to finally come get me against my will and take me home. I was slowly nursed back to health though long and hard. I continued to write..and that man who told me I would never be a writer even printed somoff my stuff.  Mr Niles a dear friend kept at me about writing a book for girls.... After a trip to Europe and more writing and care taking for my mom as she died, I gave in and wrote little woman...all based on me and my sisters. I am Jo in the book, may is Amy, and Elizabeth in Beth... We are all in it.  It was a great book that I had to write a sequel, and one called little men, then jo's boys and much more. Our money troubles where over and as I vowed after my sister died I would take care of this family to my last breath and provide for them .
  22. My sister may whom I sent to Europe to study art had married and had a child, but died soon after that. My name sake Lousia , I called her lulu came to live with me, and tag made sure she had every thing she needed. My dad took ill and I went to see him though I was very week and never fully recovered from my fever. On the way home I caught a cold and died 2 days after my dad did. I was 55 years old and dies happy taking care of my families needs.
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