Lorenzo Pesce e Crostacei Description

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Lorenzo Pesce e Crostacei Description
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Lorenzo Pesce e Crostacei Description
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  1. Whole Local Fish (for two) - Sicilian sea salt crust, herbs $70

  2. Capesante Dorate - seared scallops, mushrooms, thinly sliced guanciale, polenta $32
    • Diver scallops from Rhode Island. The portion will be 10 or less scallops (as close to a pound as we can get).
    • The scallops are pan seared with olive and grape seed, salt and pepper, served mid rare in the middle and medium on the outside.
    • They are served with sautéed seasonal mushrooms (chanterelle, black trumpet, etc.) and creamy polenta and topped with thinly sliced guanciale, (face bacon!) which melts into the scallop.
    • Finally topped with a drop of Esenza balsamico.
    • Notes: Diver scallops are hand-picked off their beds.
    • Polenta is a finely ground cornmeal.
    • Guanciale is unsmoked Italian bacon made from pig jowls (Guancia = cheek, Pancia = belly).
  3. Grilled Line Caught Local Fish - fennel, baby artichokes, blood orange, lime gremolata $28
    • Fish will change based on the season and availability. For the tasting, we served Wahoo.
    • The fish is grilled with garlic, olive oil, sea salt and pepper, then finished in the oven to about medium well.
    • It’s then dressed with Primolio olive oil and lime gremolata (parsley, garlic, lemon & lime juice & zest, sea salt and anchovies).
    • It’s served with a local salad made from dandelion greens, baby frisee, baby fennel, anise, baby artichoke, blood orange segments and then dressed in olive oil, sea salt and pepper.
    • Then we drizzle lemon juice on the entire dish.
    • Notes: Our anchovies are from Sicily, mashed and peeled.
    • Our dandelion greens are from Swank Farms in Florida, freshly picked that day.
    • We cook the fish with the skin.
  4. Grilled Prawns - lemon, garlic, Calabrian chili pepper, rooftop parsley $42
    • Our prawns are farm raised in Madagascar. They are served by the pound, so it’s won’t always be 6 prawns (5-7 depending on size). They are served with heads and eyeballs to add flavor and moisture, but we can take them off, by request.
    • The prawns are marinated in herbs, Sicilian sea salt and pepper, lemon juice, Primolio olive oil, Calabrian chili, garlic and parsley, and then grilled.

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