parasitology exam 2 vocab

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  1. mesoderm
  2. ectoderm
    skin and epidermis
  3. endoderm
    gut and nervous system
  4. perenchyma
    filler cells
  5. what is in phylum Platyhelminthes
    flukes and tapeworms
  6. syncitial
    one cell multiple nuclei that can make much larger cells for epidermis layers
  7. monoecious
  8. trematoda digenea common name
  9. miracidium
    water and dispersal except in conorchis sinensis (bile duct) which is in the snail
  10. sporocyst
    snail intermediate host, asexual reproduction
  11. redia
    snail asexual reproduction not present in shistisomes
  12. cercaria
    water and final dispersal
  13. metacercaria
    2nd intermediate host
  14. zoonosis
    accidentally infects human but usually doesnt
  15. liver cirrhosis
    can no longer detoxify
  16. neoplasia
    cell division too mutations too cancer
  17. Halzoun
    middle east tradition of eating raw meat, adult's liver worm eat throats
  18. fibrosis
    large damage
  19. granuloma
    small/local damage
  20. plesiomorphy
    shared ancestral trait even with outgroup
  21. synapomorphy
    common trait shared by two or more in groups
  22. homoplasy
    similar trait evolved independently
  23. autapomorphy
    unique trait, only one lineage
  24. Praziquantel
    kills all flukes except fasciola hepatica
  25. anapolysis
    lays eggs
  26. obligate parasite
    needs a suitable host to finish life cycle
  27. facultative parasite
    dosn't need to parasitise to survive but will if opportunity arises.
  28. parasitoid
    parasite that eventually kills host
  29. what has cysticercoid
    • hymenolepis diminuta
    • hymenolepis nana
    • dipylidium caninum
  30. what has procercoid
    diphyllobthrium latum
  31. what has cysticercus
    • taenia saginata
    • taenia solium
  32. ovovipurous
    • eggs hatch in utures and live birth
    • all nematodes
  33. phasmids
    pit like organs at posterior
  34. 2 most infective nematodes
    Ascaris lumbricoides and Trichuris trichiura
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