Western Civilization 101

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  1. What contributions did the Etruscans have?
    • Sewer systems
    • Roads
    • Irrigation and swamp draining tech.
    • fortune telling
    • funeral games
    • parades
  2. What did the Romans adopt from the Etruscans?
    Gladiator Games
  3. Latins-
    • Romulus and Remus-raised by wolves
    • Aenas-escaped and came to rome, decendent-ruled by etruscans
  4. Tiber River-
    Latins lived along the River
  5. Legends of founding of Rome-
    Romulus and Remus were ones who started Rome and they were raised by wolves, a decendent of them was Aenas who escaped and came to Rome
  6. Tarquin the Proud-
    • Latins overthrew the Estruscans
    • Lucretia was attacked by Tarquins Son so she committed suicide
  7. Patricians-
    noble upperclasses
  8. plebeians-
    everyone else, farms, artisans
  9. Senate-
    patritians only
  10. Consul-
    leader for 1 year, elected only to stay the leaser was during war
  11. 12 tables-
    written laws of Rome to protect the Plebeians
  12. Conflict of orders reforms-
    • patricians charge high interest
    • patricians and plebeians not allowed to marry one another
    • 18 year old men fight for Rome
  13. Gains of plebeians after the conflict of orders-
    • Plebeian assembly, allowed to make laws
    • tribunes, aristocrats, patrician to speak at senate
    • 12 tables-written laws of Rome, to protect plebeains
    • interest rates could not be changed
    • could marry between patricians and plebeians
  14. Describe the ROman army during the Republic
    • brought their own weapons, attacked Neolithic farmers, citizen soldiers, lead by patricians
    • Training-
    • tent group (8)
    • century (10 tent groups)
    • javelin throwers-1st line
    • swords
    • then calvry
    • legion (10 centuries)
  15. Describe life in Rome during the Republic
    • Moral and Religious people
    • Paterfamilias-father in charge of everything, treats family good, loving, greatest treasure was wife
    • marriage was based on love, 14-15 girls, men 20, had more than one wife
    • Roman families- apartment vendors buy food from, evening would meet in baths, sim and get soap, then buy food from vendor to eat at apartment
  16. paterfamilias-
    father in charge of everything, treating family good, loving, greatest treasure was wife,
  17. 1st Punic War-
    • Carthage and Rome
    • Carthage sacrificed
    • causes-both claimed Sicily
    • negotiated but were not happy, Carthage let Rome have Sicily
  18. 2nd Punic War-
    • Rome vs. Carcigineans
    • Hannibal used the elemen of surprise against Rome through Alps with Elephants
    • out come- the romans lost the first battle, but the second battle romans won,
  19. 3rd Punic War-
    • Roman's Revenge
    • Romans decided to destroy Carthege
    • Carthrage surrendered
    • men and boy were taken to where the battle of Zama was and was slaughtered
    • women and girls were sold as slaves
    • City was tore apart
  20. Affects of Punic War-
    • Roman Farmers-farms were burned down, lost farms, property sold,
    • Huge plantations farming, farmers allowed to stay on land and work on farm
    • then the farmers were kicked out and slaves took over their jobs
    • rome becomes empire and takes over mediterranean
  21. Hannibal/Battle of Cannae
    Hannibal used the element of Surprise, he brought elephants that the romans had never seen before and they were terrified of them, he had half an army and 1/4 elephants, this was an example of how to defeat a large army with a little one, first battle lost by rome
  22. Scipio/Battle of Zama-
    Scipio-patrician, instead of attacking Hannibal attacked carthrage which forced Hannibal to leave roman war, romans won,
  23. Idle poor-
    no jobs for farmers, had no homes, just shacks, government provided welfare, bread and ale, tickets to gladiator games and to bathe, and soup at night, it became a problem, they were apart of army but now they don't belong anywhere because they don't own any land anymore
  24. Marius and Sulla-
    • Marius(assembly) plebeians
    • Sulla(senate)patricians
    • Civil War
  25. First Triumvirate-
    • Free
    • Pompey-weathy general rule Rome bring stability
    • Crassus-general
    • Julius ceasar- was a problem and leaves ROme for conquest, hired people to write poems about him and songs
  26. Death of Ceasar-
    Ides of March,44 BCE rome
  27. Rise of power of Julius Ceasar-
    He starts to go crazy, but everyone loves him
  28. Cleopatra-
    had twins with marc anothony, think themselves as king and queen, and they leave tp Egypt, Octavian then defeats marc and Cleopatra,
  29. Second Triumvirate-
  30. Marc Antony-
    Wanted Cleopatra, and though himself as king and left for Egypt,
  31. First Emperor of Rome-
    Octavian, but takes the name as Emperor Augustus Ceasar
  32. Accomplishments of Augustus Ceasar-
    Prosperous, peace,, and est. structure
  33. Tiberius-
    lost his mind, killed his step brother, made strange laws, had the Island of Capri, where he had is Minhos, including his brothers son, Coligula, pervert
  34. Caligula-
    • People called him little boots when he was young
    • when he became emperor, he got bad sick with a terrible fever, and when he gets better he is no longer the same
    • he had signs of insanity- he sees himself as a god, declared his horse a human, and put it in the senate, loved to watch pain and suffering
    • came up with death machine
    • loved to throw parties, like to dres up as a woman
  35. Claudius-
    • had a studder, moth made fun of him
    • married Agrippina, his neice
    • she has her own son, she takes an antidote not to get poisoned, and she then posions claudius so he would die
  36. Nero-
    • sociopath, would roam around Romw with his henchmen and would search for people to beat up
    • acted like Helen the troy
    • has a problem with his mother Aggripa, gives her a boat to take to capri and it falls apart but she lives, he tried to kill her numerous times, but each time failed, 
    • finally he got his guards to kill her
  37. Compare life in the Empire to that in the Republic
    • Empire became the exact opposite of the Republic
    • divorce became common when in the republic i was not
    • the baths became a place of ill repute, where prostitution happened
    • families began to fall apart
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