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  1. Name two type of sources and explain the difference between them.
    Primary and secondary source. A primary source is a source direct from the time the event happened and a secondary source is a source long after the event
  2. What is the difference between history and prehistory.
    Prehistoric period was before writing was used and the historic period was when writing was used.
  3. Give 3 examples of primary sources.
    • you we're correct if you said interviews, diaries, letters,emails,speeches,goverment records,autobiography,photographs,paintings,
    • newspapers,magazines or artefacts.
  4. give 3 examples of secondary sources.

    You are correct if you said T.V./radio documentaries,movies,biographies,internet or history books.
  5. List how archaeologists prepare for a dig.
    • Geophysical survey.
    • test trenches.
    • aerial photographs.
    • plan.
  6. Explain how archaeologists prepare for the dig of the excavation.
    • scrape away layers of the earth with a trowel.
    • hand pick is used for loosening the soil.
    • use brushes/toothbrushes to make sure they don't ruin artefact.
    • put soil through sieve.
    • take a photograph.
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