CDO 431 Exam Review 2.1

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  1. Visual Communication
    • Visual information
    •   Oral communication
    •     Visual cues
    •     Speechreading

    • Manual communication
    •   Transmitted via special signs and symbols made with the hands
    •   ASL, SEE, Finger Spelling, Cued Speech
  2. Factors relating to Speechreading
    • Speaker
    • Signal code
    • Environment
    • Speechreader
  3. Speechreading Assessment Considerations
    • Visual abilities
    • Language abilities
    • Ex. Congenitally Deaf
    • Residual hearing
    • Ex. Hard or hearing
  4. Assessment of Speechreading Ability
    Formal tests
    • Iowa Sentence Test (1986)
    • Utley ST test
    • Craig lipreading inventory (1964)
    • The Children’s Audiovisual Enhancement Test (2002)
  5. Advantages of Formal tests over informal tests:
  6. Assessment of Speechreading Ability
    Informal Tests
    Sounds, words or sentences
  7. Advantages of Informal tests over formal tests
  8. Approaches to Speechreading
    • Analytic
    • Learning the individual articulator movements

    • Synthetic
    • Grasping the general idea of communication

    Continuous Discourse Tracking (CDT) 1978
  9. Recent Speechreading Trends
    • Incorporates both synthetic and analytic approaches
    • Should include some visual-auditory combined situations to help integrate information from both senses
    • Computer based programs (CAIV)
  10. Define Oral Interpretation
    An interpreter repeats what is being said by the speaker to the listener at a closer distance making it easier for the listener to speechread
  11. Manual Communication Examples -4
    • American Sign Language
    • Signed English Systems
    • Finger Spelling
    • Cued Speech
  12. American Sign Language
    • A true language which evolves naturally from culture and use
    • Produced by hand shapes, position and movement
    • Has its own structure and vocabulary
    • Thousands of signs
    • Iconic signs- close representations of English words
  13. Signed English Systems
    • Seeing Essential English (SEE I)
    • Signed Exact English ( SEE II)
  14. Fingerspelling
    • Manual Alphabet
    • Spell out verbatim what is being said
    • Timely
    • Accurate
  15. Cued Speech
    • Talker uses hand cues to simultaneously while speaking
    • Reduces viseme and homophene confusion
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