Chapter 13 Contrast

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  1. Explain the importance of radiographic contrast to image quality
     The radiograph must exhibit differences in the brightness levels or densities (image contrast) in order to differentiate among the anatomic tissues
  2. Gray scale is
     number of different shades of gray that can be stored and displayed in a digital image or film
  3. Scale of contrast
     the range of densities visible on film or digital image
  4. High Kvp=
    ____ Scale
    ____ Contrast
    ____ Contrast
    • Long scare
    • Low contrast
    • Less Contrast
  5. Contrast resolution .
     Describes an imaging receptor's ability to distinguish between objects similar in subject contrast
  6. Spatial resolution
     refers to the smallest object that can be imaged.
  7. Recorded detail
     refers to the distinctness or sharpness of the structural lines that make up the recorded film image.
  8. the faster the film screen speed
    decrease in resolution
  9. Brightness is the monitor term for
  10. Matrix
     combination of rows and columns
  11. Pixel
     "picture elements" or smallest component of matrix
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