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  1. what is history and prehistory?
    the historic was when people knew how to write and the prehistoric era was when people knew how to write.
  2. Name the 2 sources and explain the differences.
    Primary and secondary sources, the differences are a primary source was direct from the event and a secondary source is a source long after the event.
  3. explain research and rescue archaeology.
    • Research archaeology is when a site is chosen because there is evidence that objects could be found.
    • rescue archaeology is when archaeologists dig on a site before a road or a new building is built on it.
  4. Name 3 examples of a primary source.
    • You were correct if you said interview,diaries, goverment records,speeches,newspapers,magazines,paintings,
    • posters,photographs,letters,emails,autobiography or artefacts.
  5. name 3 examples of a secondary source.
    You were correct if you said T.V./radio documentaries,biography,movies,internet or history books.
  6. How do archaeologists prepare for an excavation?
    • Geophysical survey.
    • test trenches.
    • aerial photographs.
    • Plan.
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