Unit V

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  1. hairline fracture caused by repetitive micro traumas AKA fatigue fracture.
    Stress fracture
  2. increased pressure in the area reduces circulation in the area
    compartment syndrome
  3. fracture that has not healed within 6 months of injury
    delayed union
  4. a pulling force applied to pins in bones to realign bones for healing
    skeletal traction
  5. ORIF
    Open Reduction Internal Fixation
  6. tumor consisting of damaged nerve cells
  7. presence of unusual antibodies of the IgG with RA
    rheumatoid factor
  8. a line of frature. does not include the whole bone.
    incomplete fracture
  9. a fracture with no associated skin opening
    simple fracture
  10. surgical creation of a joint. AKA total joint replacement
    total joint arthroplasty
  11. chronic metabolic disease in which bone loss causes decreased density and possible fracture
  12. partial dislocation of a joint
  13. non bony union of a fracture which starts the healing process.
  14. incision through the skin and subcutaneous tissues into the fascia to relieve pressure of compartment syndroms.
  15. fracture heals incorrectly
  16. enlarged bursae behind the knee
    Baker's cyst
  17. bone spur
  18. replacement of part of the joint
  19. pulling force applied to skin via use of boot, belt, or halter to control muscle spasms.
    skin traction
  20. a bone partially bent and partially broken that occurs in children only
    greenstick fracture
  21. skin traction used to prevent muscle spasms after hip fracture.
    Buck's traction
  22. caused by fat globules released from yellow bone marrow into the blood stream within 12 to 48 hours after injury.
    fat embolism
  23. myoglobulin release from skeletal muscle into the bloodstream.
  24. progressive degeneration of cartilage in one or more joints. AKA DJD degenerative joint disease
  25. a fracture of a vertebrae by pressure along the long axis of the collumn

    Produced by a loading force applied to the long axis of cancellous bone.
    compression fracture
  26. realignment of bone ends for proper healing.
  27. dry mouth
  28. open fracture with soft tissue injury graded as a 1-3.
    Increased risk of osteomyelitis.
    May result in hypovolemic shock.
    compound fracture
  29. assessment consists of 5 P's and should be performed hourly the first few hours after musculoskeletal trauma or surgery.
    neurovascular assessment
  30. pins are inserted through the skin and the affected bone and then connected to a ridgid external frame.
    external fixator
  31. sway back
  32. caused by the clogging of the renal tubluars with muscle proteins.
    myoglobinuric renal failure.
  33. dowager's hump
  34. morning stiffness of RA that last 45 minutes to several hours.
    gel phenomenon
  35. diagnostic test or surgical procedure
  36. bone death due to lack of circulation.
  37. a fracture that never completely heals.
    non union
  38. 5 P's
    pain, paresis or paralysis, paresthesia, pallor, pulselessness.
  39. RICE
    rest, ice, compression, elevation
  40. broken bone
  41. excision of necrosed bone
  42. a grating sound caused by loosened bone and cartilage
  43. fragmented
  44. pain in the missing body part.
    phantom limb pain
  45. syndrome of dry eyes, dry mouth, and dry vagina.
    sjogren's syndrome
  46. fracture of a diseased or weakened bone produced by a force that would not have fractured a healthy bone.
    pathologic fracture.
  47. excessive joint fluid
    joint effusion
  48. systemic inflammatory autoimmune disorder affecting the joints
    rheumatoid arthritis
  49. infection in the bone
  50. bone broken into two seperate pieces
    complete fracture.
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