Hypnosis and Stuff

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  1. Hypnosis
    a social interacction in which one person (the hypnotist) suggests to another (the subject) that certain perceptions, feelings, thoughts, or behaviors will spontaneously occur
  2. Can anyone experience hypnosis?
    Virtually anyone will experience hypnotic responsiveness if led to expect it
  3. Can hypnosis force people to act against your will?
    • Hypnosis cannot force people to act beyond what they would consciously do
    • Legitimate authority giving commands will have the same effect
  4. Can hypnosis enhance recall of forgotten events?
    • Hypnosis does not enable people to recover accurate memories as far back as birth
    • "Hypnotically refreshed" memories combine fact with fiction, which is why many countries have banned testimonies from hypnotized witnesses
  5. Can hypnosis be therapeutic?
    • Hypnosis can be therapeutic when combined with other forms of therapy
    • those with drug, alcohol, and smoking addictions have not responded well
  6. Can hypnosis alleviate pain?
    • Can relieve pain
    • Even light hypnosis can reduce fear, thus reducing hypersensitivity to pain
  7. Posthypnotic suggestion
    a suggestion made during a hypnosis session, to be carried out after the subject is no longer hypnotized
  8. Hypnotic Ability
    the ability to focus attention totally on a task, to become imaginatively absorbed into it
  9. Two Ways of Viewing Hypnosis
    • Divided Consciousness
    • Social Phenomenon
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