terminology week 11

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  1. cervic/o
    neck of the uterus

    • neck
    • cervix
  2. colp/o
  3. vagin/o
  4. cervicitis
    inflammation of the cervix
  5. colposcopy
    visual examination of the vagina
  6. vaginocele
    • vaginal hernia
    • AKA colpocele
  7. -cele
    • hernia
    • swelling
  8. galact/o
  9. lact/o
  10. galactopoiesis
    production of milk
  11. -poiesis
    • formation
    • production
  12. lactogen
    forming or producing milk
  13. -gen
    forming or producing
  14. gynec/o
    • woman
    • female
  15. hyster/o
    • uterus
    • (womb)
  16. uter/o
    • uterus
    • womb
  17. gynecologist
    physician specializing in treating disorders of the female reproductive system
  18. hysterectomy
    excision of the uterus
  19. -ectomy
    • excision
    • removal
  20. endomertial
    pertaining to the lining of the uterus
  21. endo
  22. -al
    pertaining to
  23. uterovaginal
    relating to the uterus and the vagina
  24. mamm/o
  25. mast/o
  26. mammogram
    radiograph of the breast
  27. mastopexy
    surgical fixation of the breast
  28. -pexy
    fixation (of an organ)
  29. men/o
    • menses
    • menstruation
  30. menorrhagia
    • bursting forth of the menses
    • (Excessive amount of menstrual flow over a longer period duration than normal)
  31. -rrhagia
    bursting forth
  32. nat/o
  33. oophor/o
  34. ovari/o
  35. oophoroma
    ovarian tumor
  36. ovariorrhexis
    rupture of an ovary
  37. salping/o
    tube (usually fallopian or Eustachian)
  38. metr/o
    • uterus
    • womb
    • measure
  39. metroptosis
    prolapsed or downward displacement of the uterus
  40. -ptosis
    • prolapsed
    • downward displacement
  41. salpingoplasty
    surgical repair of fallopian tube
  42. atresia
    Congenital absence or closure of a normal body opening, such as the vagina
  43. Dyspareunia
    Occurrence of pain during sexual intercourse
  44. uterine fibroids
    • Benign tumors composed of muscle and fibrous tissue that develop in the uterus
    • AKA: leimyomas, myomas, or fibroids
  45. menarche
    initial menstrual period
  46. perineum
    area between the vaginal orifice and the anus
  47. sterility
  48. inability of the female to become pregnant or the male to impregnate the female
  49. abortion
    termination of pregnancy before the embryo or fetus is capable of surviving outside the uterus
  50. breech presentation
    common abnormality of delivery in which the fetal buttocks or feet present first rather than the head
  51. dystocia
    difficult childbirth
  52. -tocia
    • childbirth
    • labor
  53. eclampsia
    most serious form of toxemia during pregnancy
  54. gravida
    pregnant woman
  55. -para
    • to bear
    • offspring
  56. multigravida
    woman who has been pregnant more than once
  57. primigravida
    first time a woman is pregnant
  58. parturition
  59. variococele
    swelling and distention of the veins of the spermatic cord, somewhat resembling varicose veins of the legs
  60. hydrocele
    swelling of the sac surrounding the testes that is typically harmless
  61. phimosis
    stenosis or narrowing of foreskin where the opening of the male urethra is on the undersurface of the penis, instead of at its tip
  62. D & C
    dilatation (dilation) and curettage
  63. PSA
    Prostate Specific Antigen
  64. TSE
    Testicular Self Examination
  65. GC
    • gonorrhea
    • gonococci
  66. FSH
    follicle-stimulating hormone
  67. GYN
  68. LMP
    last menstrual period
  69. Pap
    Papanicolaou test)
  70. PID
    pelvic inflammatory disease
  71. STD
    sexually transmitted disease
  72. CS
    cesarean section
  73. OB
  74. OCPs
    oral contraceptive pills
  75. US
  76. TVH
    total vaginal hysterectomy
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