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  1. germ band
    refers to body of insect during development
  2. germ band extension
    refers to body lengthening during development
  3. extended germ band
    • the stage of maximus body lengthening
    • phylotypic stage of insect development
  4. phylotypic stage
    developmental stage at which members of an animal group most resemble each other
  5. thorax
    • middle part of body
    • has 3 segments:
    • prothorax, mesothorax, metathorax
    • all segments develop a pair of legs on ventral side
    • meso and metathorax also develop a pair of wings on dorsal side
  6. dipteran
    has 2 wings
  7. parasegments
    • segmental divisions in the embryo
    • not quite the same as segments seen in the larva and adult
  8. inside insect body
    • nerve cord: central nervous system
    • on ventral side
    • heart on dorsal side
    • oxygen diffuses through tracheal tubes
  9. helometabolous
    how does this happen in drosophila
    • undergoes complete metamorphosis
    • egg hatches into larva
    • larva molts twice (so 3 larval stages) then becomes a pupa: body is remolded to form the adult
    • much of adult body formed from imaginal discs
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