Texican Café: Appetizers, Soups, Salads, Kids, and Lunch

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  1. Describe an order of stuffed jalapenos
    4 potato- battered, red jalapenos stuffed with cream cheese. served with sweet pepper jelly, diced tomatoes, lettuce and sour cream
  2. Bean & Cheese Nachos
    5 large tortilla chips with refried beans and melted cheddar cheese, lettuce and diced tomatoes.
  3. What is added to the Bean and Cheese Nachos to make:

    Nachos Al Carbon:
    Nachos al carbon: fajita meat (beef or chicken) and sour cream**Always made with white cheese**
  4. What is added to the Bean and Cheese Nachos to make:

    Nacho Supreme:
    Nachos supreme: ground beef or shredded chicken, guacamole and sour cream
  5. Describe the Texican Nachos
    Pile of chips topped with queso, black bean, choice of ground beef or shredded chicken, lettuce, pico de gallo, pickled jalapeno, and sour cream
  6. Describe the Quesadillas Compuestas.  What are all quesadillas served with?
    1) 2 tortillas grilled w/ cheese and fajita meat, cut in half w/ roasted green tomatillo sauce on the side

    2) All served with guacamole, pico, and sour cream
  7. What comes inside the Quesadilla del Mar? What sauce comes on the side?
    Grilled shrimp and white cheese.  Cozumel Sauce.
  8. Describe our spinach mixture for our quesadillas and enchiladas?
    Fresh spinach, mushrooms and onions
  9. What sauce is served with the Spinach Quesadilla and Spinach Enchiladas
    Cream cheese cilantro
  10. Describe the Queso Flameado and Queso A La Parilla.
    • 1) Monterey Jack cheese melted in in a skillet, served w/ tortillas
    • 2) Flameado has chorizo
    • 3) Parilla has veggies: tomatoes, onions, jalapenos, and green bell pepper
  11. Describe the Chili Con Queso and Queso Maya.  How much do a cup and bowl of each cost?
    • -Yellow cheese w/ jalapenos, onions and bell pepper
    • - Maya: add guacamole and ground beef
    • -Queso cup: $3.99, bowl $5.99
    • -Maya cup: $4.99, bowl $6.99
  12. Describe the Botana Platter
    4 stuffed jalapenos, 4 chicken taquitos, guacamole, queso, sour cream, pico, and sweet pepper jelly
  13. Describe the Guacamole Salad making up the color red, green and white.
    guacamole, diced tomatoes, and sour cream w/ tortilla chips
  14. Describe our 2 soups.  Which soup do we also offer in a cup size?
    • -Cup: tortilla soup
    • -Tortilla soup: shredded chicken, salsa, cilantro, tortilla strips, side of rice and white cheese w/lime.
    • - Shrimp Soup Cozumel: 10- 12 shrimp with salsa and Cozumel sauce, cilantro, tortilla strips and lime
  15. Name and describe the 6 plates on the menu for kids under 12 and seniors over 65
    • 1) Crispy taco plate-chicken or beef w/ lettuce, tomatoes, and cheese
    • 2)Soft taco plate- chicken or beef w/ lettuce, tomatoes, and cheese
    • 3)Burrito plate- refried beans and cheddar cheese
    • 4) Enchilada plate- cheddar cheese inside with Cozumel sauce
    • 5) Quesadilla plate- Jack cheese inside
    • 6) Chicken Strips- 2 strips served wi/ a side of queso and curly fries

    (All served w/beans and rice) (Excluding strips)
  16. How does the lunch Crispy Taco Plate differ from the dinner Crispy Taco Plate?
    Lunch has 2 tacos, dinner has 3
  17. What is the difference between Mexican and Texican Dinners?
    Texican has guacamole and queso
  18. Name the 7 burgers /sandwiches we offer.  What comes on and with them?
    Bacon-Cheeseburger, Cheeseburger, Double Cheeseburger, Grilled Chicken Burger, Hamburger, Jack Mushroom, Mexican cheese burger

    -Mustard, mayo, pickles, onions, lettuce, tomatoes and curly fries
  19. Describe the Mexican Cheeseburger
    Cheeseburger topped with green chili sauce, white cheese, jalapenos, and Fritos chips with refried beans on the bun
  20. Besides the chicken burger, what other chicken dish do we offer as part of our American Fare?
    Adult chicken strips
  21. Describe the Taco and Fajita Taco salads
    Ground beef, shredded chicken, or fajita meat w/lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, sour cream, and guacamole in a fried flour tortilla shell
  22. Describe the Shrimp Taco Salad
    Image UploadGrilled shrimp, lettuce, pico, black beans, roasted green tomatillo sauce, and white cheese
  23. Describe a house salad
    Lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, red cabbage, carrots, and tortilla strips
  24. What salad dressing do we offer
    Fat free Italian, homemade ranch, homemade chipotle ranch
  25. What kind of peppers do we use in our salsa?
  26. What makes us "El Paso" style?
    The peppers we use in our sauces and our techniques are native to the El Paso area
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