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  1. Ahre Maki
    Defense to the lower
  2. Eol gul maki
    Defense to the Upper
  3. Mom Tong Ji Rugee
    Punch to the Middle
  4. Eol Gul Ji Rugee
    Punch to the Upper
  5. Ju Choom Sogi
    Riding Horse Stance
  6. Gyu ru gee sogi
    Free fighting stance
  7. Tenets of TaeKwonDo
    • Courtesy
    • Integrity
    • Perseverance
    • Self Control
    • Indomitable Spirit
  8. Philosophy of TaeKwonDo
    • Respect Each Other
    • Help Each Other
    • Be Honest
    • Always Stand by The Weak
  9. Definition of The True Student of TaeKwonDo
    • Loyalty to the School and Instructor
    • Good Martial Art Attitude
    • Student Harmony
    • Good Attendance
    • Clean Technique
  10. My Pledge as a Student of TaeKwonDo
    • I will:
    • Observe the Tenets of TaeKwonDo
    • Respect the Instructor and all Senior Ranks
    • Never Misuse TaeKwonDo
    • Champion of Freedom and Justice
    • Build a More Peaceful World
  11. Free Fighting Stance
    Gyu Ru Gee Sogi
  12. Horse Riding Stance
    Ju Choom Sogi
  13. Back Stance
    Dwi Gubi Sogi
  14. Front Stance
    Ahp Gubi Sogi
  15. Back Fist
    Dung JooMock Chi Gee
  16. Balance
    Jung Shim
  17. 20
    Soo Mool
  18. 30
    Suh Roon
  19. 40
  20. 50
  21. Fore Fist
    Chun Kwon
  22. Back Fist
    Kap Kwon
  23. Palm Strike
    Jang Kwon
  24. Head and Face
    Muh Ree
  25. Solar Plexus
    Myung Chi
  26. Spear Hand
    Kwan Soo Chi Gee
  27. One Step Sparring
    Han Bun Kyorugi
  28. Red
  29. Blue
  30. Chest Protector
  31. Protective Gloves
    Sah Boho Jang Kap
  32. Forearm Guard
    Pahlmahk Bohodae
  33. Shin Guard
    Jung Kang Yi Bohodae
  34. Meaning of Different Belt Colors:
    Blue: This is the color of youth, ambition and rapid growth.  The seeding in now reaching for the blue sky.
  35. The meaning of different belt colors:
    Red:  This represents the summer's sun that swelters with the intensity of the flowering arts
  36. Benefits of Taekwondo:
    • 1. Improves mental concentration
    • 2. Improves physical power
    • 3. Creates spiritual balance through physical       activity.
    • 4. Is good for health
    • 5. Increases one's mental culture
    • 6. Improves one's mind
    • 7. Is a very favorite sport for young people
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