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  1. Iliacus
    • Origin: upper two thirds of iliac foassa, ala of sacrum and adjacent ligaments anterior inferior iliac spine
    • Insertion: onto tendon of psoas major, which continues into lesser trochanter of femur (together the two muscles form the iliopsoas)
    • Action: Flexes thigh at hip joint
    • Nerve: femoral nerve (L2. L3)
  2. Sartorius
    • Origin: Anterior superior iliac spine and area immediately below it
    • Insertion: Upper part of medial surface of shaft of tibia
    • Action: Flexes, abducts, and laterally rotates thigh at hip joint, flexes and slightly medially rotates leg at knee joint after flexion
    • Nerve: Femoral nerve (L2, L3)
  3. Rectus Femoris (Quadreceps)***
    • Origin: Anterior head-anterior inferior iliac spine. Posterior head-ilium above acetabulum.
    • Insertion: Patella, then by patellar ligament to tuberosity of the tibia
    • Action: exte
  4. Vastus Lateralis***
    • Origin: Intertrochanteric line, inferior border of greater tuberosity, lateral lip of linea aspera of femur
    • Insertion: Lateral margin of patella, then by patellar ligament to tuberosity
  5. Vastus Medialis
    • Origin: Intertrocanteric line, medial lip of linea aspera of femur, medial intermuscular septum, medial supracondylar line
    • Insertion: Medial border of the patella, then by patellar ligament into tibial tuberosity, medial condyle of tibia
    • Action: Extends leg at knee joint
    • Nerve: Femoral nere (L2-L4)
  6. Vastus Intermedius ***
    • Origin: Anterior and lateral surfaces of upper two-thirds of femur, lateral intermuscular septum, linea aspera lateral supracondylar line
    • Insertion: Deep aspect of quadriceps tendon then through
  7. Gracilis
    • Origin: Lower margin of body and inferior ramus of pubis
    • Insertion: Upper part of medial surface of shaft of tibia
    • Action: Adducts thigh at hip joint and flexes leg at knee joint, with leg flexed, assists in medial rotation
    • Nerve: Obturator nerve
  8. Pectineus***
    • Origin: Pectineal line on superior ramus of pubis
    • Insertion: From lesser trochanter to linea aspera of femur
  9. Adductor Longus
    • Origin: Anterior of body of pubis
    • Insertion: Medial lip of linea aspera
    • Action: Adducts, flexes thigh, assists in medial rotation
    • Nerve: Obturator nerve (L3,L4)
  10. Adductor Brevis
  11. Adductur Magnus
  12. Gluteus Maximus
    Origin: Outer surface of ilium behind posterior gluteal line, adjacent posterior surface of sacrum and coccyx, sacrotuberous ligament, aponeurosis of erector spinae (sacrospinalis)
  13. Gluteus Medius
  14. Tensor Fasciae Latae

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Muscles 68
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Muscles 68

Muscles 68
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