Animal science

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  1. breed
    group of animals that result from breeding and selection and that have distinguishable characteristics
  2. breeds developed
    increase production
  3. swine
    • domesticated in eastern asia 2900 B.C. 
    • europe  1500 B.C.
  4. chickens
    domesticated in china and india before 1000  B.C.
  5. cattle and sheep
    domesticated in prehistoric times
  6. holstein cattle
    originated in western europe  more then 2000 years ago
  7. brown swiss
    cheese making industry
  8. jesery
    adapted for milk on jersey island lime deficient soil
  9. guernsey milk
    produced excellent butter
  10. genetic variation in a breed
    not genetically pure
  11. cattle breeds
    dairy and beef
  12. ayrshire
    majority white with some brown
  13. brown swiss
    mud brown color
  14. guernsey
    majority redish brown color with some white
  15. holstein
    regular black and white cow
  16. jersey
    light brown
  17. milking shorthorn
    redish brown with white splotches and clouds in back ground
  18. red and white
    redish brown and white mountains in back
  19. angus
  20. brahman
    grey droppy ears
  21. charolais
    beige daisy on the ground
  22. chianina
    white thin and tall
  23. gelbvieh
    red in brush white legs
  24. hereford
    white head brown back white underside
  25. limousin
    red trees in back
  26. maine anjou
    dark brown white legs
  27. salers
  28. shorthorn
    fence in back
  29. red angus
    all red
  30. simmental
    red and white patch of dirt
  31. brangus
    • brahman/ angus cross (3/8: 5/8)
    • began in 1932
  32. simbrah
    • simmental/brahman cross
    • 1960
  33. brucellois of cattle
    • contagious abortion and bangs disease 
    • caused by infection of bacteria Brucella abortous can cause undulant fever in humans
    • causes abortion of calve in months 5-8
    • no treatment
  34. bovine spongioform encephalopathy (mad cow disease)
    • progressive degenerative disease that affects to central nervous system of cattle
    • 2-8 years for it to appear
  35. cocciciosis
    • caused by microscopic, one-celled parasites
    • diarrhea
    • rough coat
    • loss of appetite
    • weight
    • emaciation
  36. foot and mouth disease
    • caused by one of the smallest disease producing viruses known
    • humans do not catch the virus
  37. fusobacterium necrophorum and bacteroides melaninogenicus
    isolated from foot rot
  38. grass tetany
    • fatal metabolic disorder
    • low levels of magnesium in the blood serum of cattle
    • older cattle and nursing calves
  39. johne's disease
    • wasting disease
    • caused by mycobacterium paratuberculosis
    • no cure
  40. lumpy jaw
    • caused by anaerobic micro-organism, actinomyces bovis
    •  treatment iodine or tetracyclines often ineffective
  41. treatments
    • Albendazole
    • fenbendazole
    • ivermectin
    • levamisole
    • morantel tartrate
    • oxfendazole
    • thiabendazole
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