Chapter 6 vocab

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  1. Memory
    An active system that receives information from the senses, puts that information into a useable form, and organizes it as it stores it away, and then retrieves the information from storage
  2. Encoding
    The set of mental operations that ppl perform on sensory information to convert that information into a form that is useable in brains storage system
  3. Storage
    Holding onto information for some period of time
  4. Retrieval
    Getting information that is in storage into a form that can be used
  5. Information-Processing model
    Model of memory that assumes the processing of information for memory storage is similar to the way a computer processes memory in a series of three stages
  6. Parallel distributed Processing (PDP) model
    A model of memory in which memory processes are proposed to take place at the same time over a large network of neutral connections
  7. Levels-of-Processing model
    Model of memory that assumes information that is more "deeply processed" or processed according to its meaning rather than just the sound or physical characteristics of the word or words, will be remembered more efficiently and for a longer period of time.
  8. Sensory Memory
    The very FIRST stage of memory, the point at which information enters the nervous system through the sensor system.
  9. Iconic memory
    VISUAL sensory memory lasting only a fraction of a second.
  10. Eidetic Imagery
    • The ability to access a visual memory for 30 seconds
  11. Masking process
    Information that has just entered iconic memory will be pushed out very quick by new information
  12. Partial Report Method
    A grid of letters immediately sounded a high, medium, or low tome just after the grid was shown
  13. Short-Term memory (STM)
    • The memory system in which information is held for brief periods of time while being used
    • 2nd step
    • Can last forĀ 12 to 30 seconds
  14. Selective attention
    (think cocktail party)
    the ability to focus on only one stimulus from among all sensory input
  15. Echoic Memory
    The brief memory of something a person has just heard
  16. Working Memory
    An active system that processes the information in STM
  17. Central executive
    • Pulls different types of information together and you are able to successfully greet good know who ppl are
    • Name, face and greeting all at once
  18. Digit span Test
    • a series of numbers in read to subject in the study who are then asked to recall the numbers in order.
    • Make longer until the subject cannot recall all of the numbers.
  19. Chunking
    A way for ppl to keep info into STM.
  20. Hippocampus
    uses rehearsal will decay as new neurons are added to the already existing neural circuits.
  21. maintenance rehearsal
    practice of saying some information to be remembered over and over in one's head in order to maintain it in stm
  22. LTM
    The system of memory into which all the information is placed to be kept more or less permanently
  23. Elaborative rehearsal
    a method of transferring information form STM into LTM by making that information meaningful in some way
  24. Procedural (nondecarative) memory
    • type of ltm including memory for skills, procedures, habits, and conditioned responses.
    • Not conscious
  25. Anterograde amnesia
    loss of memory form the point of injury or trauma forward, or the inability to form new LTM
  26. Implicit memory
    memory that is not easily brought into conscious awareness, such as procedural memory
  27. declarative memory
    type of LTM containing information is couscous and known
  28. Episodic memory
    type of declarative memory containing personal info
  29. Semantic memory
    type of declarative memory containing general knowledge such as knowledge of language and info learned
  30. explicit memory
    memory that is consciously known, such as declarative memory
  31. Semantic network model
    model of memory organization that assumes info is stored in the brain in a connected fashion
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