Animal Science 200

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  1. Is tunnel ventilation negative pressure ventilation?
    • Yes:
    • cools animals with wind chill
    • Better for warmer climates (not used N. of Lethbridge)
  2. How does tunnel ventilation work?
    • negative intake on both sides at one end
    • cold water is used to cool air at intake
    • sucks air through the barn and out the other end--> large fans
  3. A downfall of tunnel ventilation
    • only used in warmer climates
    • expensive (thermometer controlled sometimes)
  4. What is negative pressure ventilation?
    • negative pressure inside
    • air is actively pumped out

    • Passive intake--> control over speed of fans, more control over air intake (**12m**)
    • active exhaust
  5. How can you tell if negative pressure ventilation is working?
    • ideally air should tumble and pick up moisture
    • used smoke bomb and watch how the smoke moves
    • feel for wind and temperature
  6. What happens if air intake is too large or small is negative pressure ventilation?
    • too large: air drops in and pool on floor. Moves too slowly and is too cold
    • too small: air whistles through too fast and doesn't mix or pick up moisture
  7. Positive pressure ventilation
    • positive pressure on inside of barn
    • control over : speed of fan intaking air
    • Air is actively pumped in
    • **least common b/c less control
  8. Ventilation (3)
    • 1. optimize gases (increase O2, decrease CO2, ammonia, methane, water, SO2)
    • 2. modulate temperature
    • 3. decrease dust, mold & bacteria
  9. ice damming (what is it?)
    snow melts on roof (warm air) then freezes when it hits cold air at overhang
  10. in let (what is it?)
    allows air to passively come in barn
  11. curtain (in relation to in let)
    tarp that can be lowered or raised to control passive air intake
  12. Claiming pens
    enclosure for ewes to give birth and/or bond with new baby lambs
  13. Sheep dip tank
    tub of chemicals and disinfectants that saturates and kills flees and ogns on sheep
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