RPD2 week 5

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  1. Describe the sequential procedures during RPD delivery appointment
    • achieve good fit, adaptation, and occlusion
    • Tissue surface refinement (PIP)
    • Periphery refinement (disclosing wax)
    • Occlusion refinement (clinical remount and occlusal equilibration)
    • -First obtain jaw record (face bow +CR record)
    • alginate pick-up impression is made with RPD in place in the mouth and removed with the RPD embedded in the impression.
  2. •What is a pick-up impression for RPD
    • alginate impression with RPD embedded to Generate a remount cast for RPD
    • pick up the prosthesis and record the remaining teeth.
  3. •How to generate a remount cast for RPD
    • stock tray shortened to stay away from the distal extension area.
    • alginate impression to pick up the prosthesis and record the remaining teeth.
    • air dry the RPD within the alginate pickup impression, apply clay/mud material with #7 wax spatula to
    • block out the following areas: the retainers, proximal plate/and minor connector areas
    • low-fusing metal is melted in a ladle until it just reaches pouring viscosity
    • paper clips and create some retention loops.
    • Plaster base is added to complete the fabrication of RPD remount cast
    • Adjust for centric relation first and eccentric second.
    • The occlusal adjustment goal is to achieve solid centric contacts on both natural teeth and denture teeth.
  4. •How to perform a clinical remount for RPD
  5. •Why is clinical remount necessary for RPD
    • 1.Accuracy The occlusal discrepancies are compensated due to the compressibility of oral mucosa and difficult to interpret intraorally
    • 2. Versatile assessment We can access the occlusion from both buccal & lingual aspects
    • 3. Patient management The equilibration can be completed in the lab, not in front of patient
  6. •RPD maintenance and decision making of various options
    • Fluoride gel: 1x/day all tooth contact surfaces with a cotton swab, or fluoride
    • stent is useful for all residual teeth.
    • tapered brush: clean clasps and guide planes. Soaking alone does not remove plaque.
    • week-10 days: to get used to
    • place w fingers, don't bite
    • cut food w/knife
    • denture cleaners AFTER scrubbing
    • Relines
    • expectations: not real teeth
  7. Redo RPD
    • 1. Recycle
    • 2. Remake
  8. Loose RPD
    implants if existing is adequate support stability retention and pt still subjuctively not happy
  9. RPD lab reline
    • identical to altered cast impression procedure
    • Remove about 1 mm of resin from the RPD base before the reline impression to allow for uniform thickness of impression material
  10. Why use low fusing metal? Why not use stone?
    • Low fusing metal is liquefied over the heat and poured into only the occlusal surfaces of the teeth in the alginate impression
    • 1. Superior wear resistance
    • 2. fast setting quality
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