French unit 4 culture

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  1. How many hours per week do french students watch TV?
    About 14
  2. What are four very popular activites in France?
    • Watching TV
    • listening to music
    • playing video games
    • surfing the internet
  3. How many times do the french go to the cinema per week?
    about once per week
  4. What percentage of the french go to a museum or historical monument every year?
    almost 50%
  5. What percentage go to the theatre or concerts?
    more than 40%
  6. How many play an instrument or sing?
    one in five
  7. how many practice an artistic activity, such as dancing or painting?
  8. le marquis
    an outdoors inexpensive restaurant in West Africa where young people pass their time
  9. le tangana
    A popular place in Senegal to relax, complete with tables and benches
  10. le parc Astérix
    the first french theme park
  11. Who is Astérix?
    a Gallic warrior who fights the Roman invasion
  12. Le tonnerre de zeus
    the largest wooden roller coaster in Europe
  13. Who is Oblélix?
    Astérix's sidekick
  14. Procope
    The first french café opened in 1686
  15. Was coffee common when Procope opened?
  16. Who were two famous people who frequented Procope?
    • Benjamin Franklin
    • Napoleon Bonaparte
  17. l'apéritif
    after work, before dinner drink, common in cafés
  18. 2 famous cafés in France
    • les deux magots
    • café de flore
  19. why is café de flore famous?
    after the second world war, intellectuals and writers like Jean-Paul Sarte, Simone de Beauvoir and Albert Camus met there
  20. What is not offered in cafés in North Africa?
  21. What is a common beverage in North Africa?
    thé à la menthe (mint tea)
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