6. People's behaviour

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  1. Care about sb. and want to improve their situation.
    • Have sb's (best) interest at heart
    • A szívén hordja
  2. Do sth. that you do not have to do and that involves making a special effort to help to please sb.
    • Go out of your way (to do sg.)
    • Utat engedsz
  3. Try in a determined way to achieve sth.
    • Go to great lenghts to do sth.
    • Nagy erőfeszítést tesz
  4. Keep a group of people, a marriage, etc. United in difficult circumstances.
    • Hold sth. together
    • összetart
    • együtt marad
  5. Be available and supportive if sb. wants to talk to you or needs your help.
    • Be there for sb.
    • ott lenni valakiért
  6. A person who gives you sympathy.
    • A shoulder to cry on
    • egy váll amin kisírhatod magad
  7. Go to sb/sg for help or advice.
    • Turn to sb/sg.
    • odafordul valakihez
  8. Make sb different from or better than otters
    • Set sb apart (from sb.)
    • elkülönít
  9. Help sb.
    • Give/lend (sb) a helping hand to
    • segédkezet nyújt valakinek
  10. Feel very grateful and lucky about sg.
    • Thank your lucky stars
    • Köszönet a szerencsecsillagodnak
  11. Get or do what you want, even when other people want sg. different.
    • Have things/it (all) your own way
    • have/get your own way
    • hát legyen
    • tégy úgy, ahogy jónak látod
  12. Use your authority ti stop sb. doing sth.
    • Put your foot down
    • nem enged a 48-ból
    • sarkára áll
  13. Often disapproving; very confident
    • Sure of yourself
    • magabiztos
  14. Do anything to get what you want, without caring about its effect on others.
    • Stop at nothing
    • semmi sem állíthatja meg
  15. Treat sb. badly by always doing what you want to do.
    Walk all over sb
  16. Give sb orders in a rude or unpleasant way.
    • Push sb around
    • erőszakoskodik
  17. Treat sb. unfairly by blaming or criticizing them.
    • Pick on sb.
    • pikkel
    • utazik valakire
  18. Support or defend sb/yourself
    • Stick up for sb/yourself
    • kiáll vki mellett
    • pártját fogja vkinek
  19. Do nothing to help sb.
    • Not lift a finger (to do sth)
    • A kis ujját sem mozdítja
  20. Expect sg to happen because it usually does.
    • Take it for granted (that...)
    • take sb. for granted
    • természetesnek vesz
    • elfogad
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