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  1. 4 categories of membership
    • collegiate- women who have been initiated after having met the following requirements
    • a regularly matriculated student in the school where the chapter is located, who has demonstrated a sincere interest in music and in the purpose of SAI, and is enrolled in or completed one or more courses in music.
    • A musician who has had training sufficient to enable her to earn her living at her profession, and who is approved by the National President in consultation with the Province Officer.
    • alumnae- are former collegiate members. 
    • patroness- women actively involved in community musical affairs, fully-initiated members of the fraternity, participate in any activity exclusive of voting or holding major office. if she has received special fraternity education she may serve as a voting member and officer in an alumnae chapter.
    • distinguished
  2. National Dues for Collegiate Members
    • $35/ yr
    • $17.50/ semester
  3. Total # of active alumnae chapters, including the international chapter
  4. total # of active collegiate chapters
  5. Executive Director
    Ruth Sieber Johnson
  6. Chairman. Board of Directors, SAI Philanthropies, Inc.
    Sharon W. Doty
  7. NVP- Ritual and Fraternity Education
    Deborah Volker
  8. NVP- Fraternity Development
    Joyce S. Garcia
  9. NVP- Finance
    Jennifer M. Zerangue
  10. NVP- Extension
    Christine D. Bruns
  11. NVP- Collegiate Chapters
    Christine D. Bruns
  12. NVP- Alumnae Chapters
    Susan Bermann
  13. National President
    Leslie Odom Miller
  14. who conducts business between conventions
    National Executive board
  15. Governing body of SAI
    The National Convention
  16. 4 chapters in the province
    • Alderson Brodous University- Lamda Kappa
    • Fairmont State University- Epsilon Psi
    • West Virginia University- Kappa Lamda
    • West Virginia Wesleyan College- Zeta Eta
  17. 7 founders of SAI
    • Minnie Davis Sherrill
    • Mary Storrs Anderson
    • Leila Farlin Laughlin
    • Georgina Potts
    • Elizabeth A. Campbell
    • Francis Caspari
    • Nora Crane Hunt
  18. 3 priviledges
    1. to impact music around the world utilizing SAI resources

    2. to benefit from leadership opportunities within the national organization

    3. to wear the badge as an introduction to all sigma alpha iota collegiate, alumnae, and distinguished members.
  19. founding date
    June 12, 1903
  20. 5 responsibilities
    • 1. to represent the fraternity positively at all times
    • 2. to cultivate broad friendships and be democratic in all campus contacts
    • 3. to be ethical at all times
    • 4. to respect the authority of chapter, province, regional, and national officers
    • 5. to practice the high ideals of SAI
  21. 3 fraternity awards and honors
    Rose of honor-

    Wreath of achievement-

    Rose of dedication-
  22. 2 SAI philanthropies
    Bold notes-

    The MacDowell Colony: Pans Cottage-
  23. Founding University
    University School of Music Ann Arbor, Michigan
  24. Regional Officer
    Jessica Chichester
  25. Region
  26. Province officer
    Amy L. Prenatt
  27. Province
    Chi C
  28. 2 SAI Publications
    Pan Pipes: SAI Philanthropies Inc.-

    Tempo! National News Letter-
  29. Distingushed members
    • Member laureate-
    • Honorary Member-
    • National Arts Associate-
    • Friend of the Arts-
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