southern Europeans

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  1. religion of southern Europe?
    roman catholic
  2. family?
    • father head of household
    • close family solidarity
  3. basque women?
    have equality
  4. traditional health beliefs?
    • similar to American majority culture
    • fresh air good for health
    • illness is due to contamination from sick person/heredity
    • many folk/belief remedies
  5. where are the basque people located?
    northeastern coast of spain
  6. basque language?
  7. oldest surviving ethnic group in Europe?
    the basque people
  8. staple foods of Italy?
    • garlic
    • basil
    • oregano
    • parsley
    • pasta
    • rice
  9. northern Italy?
    heavier than the south
  10. how is pasta made in northern Italy?
    • with eggs, also stuffed (ravioli)
    • use cheese, meats, creams, butter and rice
  11. southern Italy?
    • cheaper/healthier ingredients
    • use tomato sauces, olive oil, more beans and vegetables
    • pasta with out eggs
  12. staples of spain?
    • olives, garlic, tomatoes
    • eggs, lamb, fish, stews
    • paella
    • serrano ham
    • olive oil
    • gazpacho and churros
  13. what do people in spain use in everything?
    olive oil
  14. what is the southern region of spain known for?
    • seafood
    • fruits
    • vegetables
  15. staples of Portugal?
    • spices
    • fish dominate diet
    • rice
    • potatoes
    • bread
  16. northern Portugal has?
    more hearty foods
  17. southern Portugal has?
    more lighter fare foods
  18. meal composition of Italy?
    • light breakfast
    • lunch is main meal
    • dinner is lighter version of lunch
    • coffee/espresso
  19. spain and Portugal meal composition?
    • 4 meals plus several snacks throughout the day
    • tapas
    • lunch is main meal
    • evening meal is eaten earlier in Portugal than in spain
  20. diet in US is becoming higher in ____ and lower in ____
    • meat
    • carbohydrates
  21. what does a Mediterranean diet do?
    lowers disease rates and highers life expectations
  22. key ingredient in Mediterranean diet?
    olive oil
  23. the Mediterranean diet is ?
    • plant based
    • fish and poultry weekly
    • daily consumption of dairy
  24. what is the principle desert in Mediterranean diet?
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