northern Europeans

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  1. where did people from great Britain primarily settle?
    new England, Virginia, Maryland
  2. what did the irish face when they immigrated here?
    economic hardships with textile slump
  3. scotch irish? irish catholics?
    • higher economic and protestant
    • lower economic and catholics
  4. irish catholics faced?
    • repeated crop failure
    • lack of food
  5. why did the French immigrate?
    mostly for economic opportunity
  6. why did the French assimilate easily?
    they were economically successful
  7. current demographics/socioeconomic status of English? irish? French?
    • easily assimilated
    • fully assimilated
    • fully assimilated
  8. british religion? irish and French religion?
    • protestant
    • roman catholic
  9. who formed model for typical American family?
  10. what were the US health beliefs that originated in Europe?
    • good diet
    • plentiful sleep
    • daily exercise
  11. traditional food habits in great Britain and Ireland?
    • meat
    • potatoes
  12. northern france seasonings?
  13. southern france seasonings?
  14. traditional british foods?
    • roast beef
    • seaweed
    • Yorkshire pudding
    • bangers and mash
    • fish and chips
  15. traditional irish foods?
    • corned beef and cabbage
    • lamb
    • potatoes
    • colcannon
  16. traditional French foods?
    • bread and pastries
    • alcohol
  17. in france, sauces are?
    the soul of French cooking
  18. typical French breakfast?
    • baguette
    • coffee
  19. similar to French haute?
  20. similar to French provincial cuisine?
  21. Cajun cuisine?
    • African influence
    • gumbo and jambalaya
    • rice and red beans
    • tabasco sauce
    • fried pork skins
  22. therapeutic uses of food?
    • chicken soup
    • tea with honey
    • hot milk
  23. the british and French cuisine has influenced?
    the high cholesterol, high fat, low fiber and refined carbohydrate rich American diet
  24. French paradox?
    they smoke, eat butter, etc. but yet do not have high rates of cardiovascular disease
  25. irish brother's study?
    no real differences in mortality from coronary heat disease, but diets varied
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