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  1. What is the derivation of the word career?
  2. what year did the first interest inventory come out?
  3. What appraoch did Strong use to create the SVIB?
    criterion group
  4. What 2 type of activities did Strong get large numbers of people from many different profession to rate about?
    occupations and leisure activities
  5. what did validity show for the SVIB?
    it predicted job satisfaction well
  6. Did the pattern of interests remain largely stable throughout the lifetimes (SVIB)?
  7. At what age do interest patterns appear go be established?
    by age 17
  8. (SVIB) what was one thing critics pointed out?
    they pointed at gender bias because women were rated on low-paying and low-status occupations
  9. Who published a new version of the SVIB?
    Donald P. Campbell
  10. what was the name of the test that Donald Campbell produced in 1974 ( it was a new version of the SVIB) ?
    Strong-Campbell interest inventory (SCII)
  11. What was significant about the SCII?
    it merged the men's and women's occupations onto a single form
  12. How many categories did Holland think people's personalities fell into?
    • 6
    • *realistic
    • *investigative
    • *artistic
    • *social
    • *enterprising
    • *conventional
  13. Who got the rights for the SCII?
  14. In 2007, Standfor released a new version of the strong known as...
    Strong Interest Inventory
  15. What does the Campbell Interest and Skill Survey tell a subject?
    how comfortable or successful they will be in an academic setting
  16. For what test did Standford and University of Minnesota get into a legal dispute?
  17. What does the current form of Kuder Occupational Interest Survey examine? (2)
    the similarity between a test-taker's interests and those of people in various occupations.
  18. what test contains nontraditional occupations in it?
    Kuder Occupational Interest survey
  19. How Are the psychometric properties for the Kuder Occupational Interest Survey?
    • good,
    • *some scores have appeared to be stable for as long as 30 years
  20. In what grade reading level is the Career Assessment Inventory written?
    6th grade
  21. What was the Career Assessment Inventory designed for?
    for individuals with less than 4 years of post-secondary education
  22. What is the nickname of Career Assessment Inventory?
    working persons CISS
  23. Was the self-directed search self-administered, self-scored, and self-interpreted?
  24. who developed The Self directed search?
  25. What 3 things have interest inventories been criticized off?

    -sex bias

    -mismatches between abilities and interests
  26. What did early inventories directed men and women into?
    gender-stereotyped careers
  27. What did Strong argue regarding unisex test?
    ignores the statistical realities of differences in men's and women's interests
  28. which two tests made a major effort to eliminate sex bias?
    SCII and CISS
  29. What was Osipow approach?
    give extensive tests to measure personality, abilities, interests, and personal values to learn as much about a person's traits as possible
  30. Why is Osipow approach criticized for?
    paying too much attention to the person and not paying enough attention to the work environment
  31. What is fundamental attribution error?
    when we observe other we think in terms of traits but use situational explanation for our own behavior
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