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  1. What does a high v02 max allow for
    • A high level v02 max allows for a higher proportion of total
    • energy production to come from aerobic energy production, less dependent on
    • anaerobic systems, most significantly anaerobic glycolosis so less production
    • and accumulation of lactic. Combined to make greater capacity to maintain a
    • high effort and minimise fatigue.
  2. what does a high lactate threshold allow for
    • High lactate threshold allows for higher peak intensity to
    • be reached and sustained before OBLA occurs. Also allows for greater
    • opportunity to utilise fat as a fuel source and to spare glycogen for high
    • intensity surges and sprints such as the final sprint to the finish line when
    • the lactic acid supplies the final requirements of energy .
  3. a high vo2 max and high lactate threshold allows for...
    • - Higher level performance will be achieved as a higher  average speed can be maintained
    • - intensity efforts can be performed for longer periods without lactic.
    • - Fatigue will be delayed if there athlete can minimise blood lactate production
    • - maximise availability of energy fuels, particularly glycogen.
  4. interplay main points to add (not lactic, CP or aerobic)
    • all 3 energy systems are always in use
    • the intensity and duration will determine the level of contribution from the three systems
    • half time or breaks - the aerobic system will provide majority of the energy during this time,
    • EPOC resyntheised CP, clearning lactic and restoration of myoglobin and haemoglobin in the body.
  5. interplay - aerobic system
    • a trained aerobic system can also provide oxygen at a high intensity, below 85%
    • the aerobic system also replenishes CP when C player may be walking back to circle or at low intensity
    • reaches steady state where oxygen requirements are met by oxygen demands
  6. interplay - Lactic system
    • repreated high intensity, short duation efforts the lactic system will begin to supply needs for the given task. 
    • lactic may become dominant as the CP system does not have time to fully replenish
    • if lactic continues to accumulate a decrease in performance will occur .
    • continued high intensity efforts may cause the athlete to receive lactate threshold or OBLA (over 85% v02max), if this occurs over 2 minutes a huge decrease will occur from fatigue in exercise State the percentage of lactate threshold (85% max v02)
  7. interplay - CP
    • short duration, high intensity efforts lasting less than 10 seconds
    • replenishes 50% in 30 seconds, 100% in 3 minutes
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