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  1. N
    Image Upload
  2. Image UploadWHAAT IS A
  3. Image UploadWHAT IS B
  4. Image UploadWHAT IS C
  5. Image UploadWHT IS D
    Medial malleolus
  6. Image UploadWHAT IS E
  7. Image UploadWHAT IS F
    Lateral malleolus
  8. Image UploadWHAT IS G
    Anterior tubercle
  9. Image UploadWHAT IS A
  10. Image UploadWHAT IS B
  11. Image UploadWHAT IS C
    Anterior tubercle
  12. Image UploadWHAT IS D
  13. Image UploadWHAT IS E
    Lateral malleolus
  14. Image Uploadwhat is a
  15. Image Uploadwhat is B
    Coracoid process
  16. Image Uploadwhat is e
  17. Image Uploadwhat is c
    Inferior angle
  18. Image Uploadwhat is d
    Spine of scapula
  19. Which of the following is not a location of a sesamoid bone:
    1. Anterior surface of the distal humerus
    2. Interphalangeal joint of the thumb
    3. Distal end of the femur4. Base of the MTP joint on the 1st digit
  20. Which part of the foot is a common site for fractures?
    1. Calcaneus
    2. Navicular
    3. Base of the 5th Metatarsal
    4. Distal phalanx of the 1st digit
  21. Which of the following statements is true?
    1. The adductor tubercle is located on the posterior aspect of the lateral condyle of the tibia
    2. The adductor tubercle is located on the posterior aspect of the lateral  condyle of the femur
    3. The adductor tubercle is located on the posterior aspect of the medial condyle of the tibia
    4. The adductor tubercle is located on the posterior aspect of the medial condyle of the femur
  22. What is the angle of the CR for an ulnar deviation of the wrist?    
    a.    5-10 °   
    b.    10-15 °   
    c.    15-25 °   
    d.    40-45 °
  23. For an AP projection of a scapula, what IR orientation should be used?   
    a.    8x10 crosswise   
    b.    8x10 lengthwise   
    c.    10x12 crosswise   
    d.    10x12 lengthwise
  24. what do you need for  true AP Knee
    • 10x12 IR
    • rotate knee 3-5 degrees internally
    • center CR 1/2inch distal to apex of patell
  25. Which one of these landmarks is palpated for a PA chest projection? 
    A.   Jugular notch
    B.   Thyroid cartilage
    C.   Coracoid process
    D.   Vertebra prominens
  26.  How much do we angle the CR for an AP projection of the foot on a patient with a low arch?
    a.       5 degrees posteriorly
    b.      15 degrees anteriorly
    c.       No angle
    d.      10 degrees posteriorly
  27. The right lung:
    A. has two lobes separated by a single fissure.
    B. has three lobes separated by two fissures.
    C. has the superior, middle, and inferior lobes.
    D. has a superior and an inferior lobe
    b and c
  28. Which joints make up the knee?
    A. the distal femorotibial joint.
    B. the proximal femorotibial joint.
    C. the patellofemoral joint.
    D. A and C.
    E. B and C.
    A and C.
  29. What specific positioning error is present when the right iliac wing is elongated on
    an AP pelvis?

    Hips were rotated towards the rightside
  30. In AP toe projection if The phalanges demonstrate greater soft tissue width and
    midshaft concavity on the lateral surface. The toe and foot were ....
    medially rotated
  31. In the Grashey method position, how much should the patient
    be rotated towards the affected shoulder how many degrees?
    approximately 35 to 45 degrees
  32. A patient’s left hemidiaphragm is
    superior to the right hemidiaphragm in a lateral chest x-ray, and they present
    no pathological condition contributing to this. In order to correct this you
    Move the patient’s hips away from the IR (to make them parallel with the IR)because their left side is too close
  33. For upper extremities, the Fan position is used for the
    following exams:
    Lateral hand
  34. ·      
    What is the angle on the CR for an
    AP foot with a low arch?

    5      degrees
  35. On a lateral-mediolateral knee
    projection, what is proper imaging criteria?CR is angled
     5-7° cephalad
  36. What is the angle on the CR for an
    ulnar deviation of the wrist?
  37. ·      
    For AP projection of the scapula what
    is the IR size and orientation?
    10x12 lengthwise
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