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  1. Job Interview求職面談
    Steve is at a job interview with Universal Management Consultants.I: InterviewerS: SteveI: Thanks for coming here today, Steve. I’d like to start by asking why you are interested in working for our company.S:
    Thank you for meeting with me. I think working for Universal Management
    Consultants would be a great opportunity. You’re one of the leading
    companies in this field and have a great reputation for taking care of
    your employees.I: We’re looking at several candidates for this
    position. Tell me why we should choose you over the others since you’re
    just fresh out of school with a bachelor’s degree in Business
    Administration.S: Even though I’m young, I do have some sales experience already. In addition, I have the necessary qualities to do the job.
    • 史提夫正在和環球管理顧問公司進行求職面談。面試官: 史提夫,感謝你今天前來。我想一開始就請問你為什麼想來我們公司工作。史提夫: 謝謝您接見我。我覺得能在環球管理顧問公司工作是很棒的機會。貴公司在這個領域中是首屈一指的公司,並且對員工的照顧,聲譽頗佳。面試官: 我們正為這個職缺物色幾位人選。由於你甫出校門,才拿到企管學士學位,因此,告訴我為何我們應該選擇任用你,而不任用其他的人。史提夫: 雖然我還年輕,但我確實已有一些銷售經驗。此外,我也有從事該工作所需的條件。
    • 必備字詞leading [ `lidIG ] a. 最佳的;最重要的
    • Dr. Shih is the leading bone specialist in Taiwan.
    • reputation [ “rEpyJ`teSJn ] n. 名聲,名望
    • candidate [ `kAndJ:det ] n. 人選,申請者
    • even though...  即使/儘管……
    • Al acted tough even though he was scared.

    用語解析fresh out of...  剛完成……  本文中 fresh out of school with a bachelor’s degree 的 fresh out of 表「剛完成……」的意思,通常用來表達「剛完成學業、培訓等」的意思。例 Carl and Jenny got married fresh out of high school.
  2. Job lnterview求職面談
    I: Interviewer S: SteveI: Steve, let's talk more about having the right qualities. What would you say are your strengths?S:
    One of my strong points is my work ethic. I believe it's important to
    work hard no matter how simple a task is. Furthermore, I don't stop
    until I do the job right and on time. On top of that, I'm a very
    resourceful person.I: What about your weaknesses?S: I would have to say that I sometimes take on too much responsibility.I: Where do you see yourself in five years, Steve?S: I hope that I will be in a more senior position by that time. My goal is to get into management.I: OK, Steve. We'll be making our decision in a few days, so we will be in touch with you soon.
    • 面試官:史提夫,咱們來多聊些該有的條件。你能說說你的長項嗎?史提夫:我的一個特長便是我的工作原則。我認為努力工作很重要,無論是多簡單的工作都一樣。再者,在我還沒將工作做好並準時完成前,我是不會停工的。另外,我是個很機靈的人。面試官:那你的缺點呢?史提夫:我必須說我有時候承擔太多的責任。面試官:史提夫,你對你自己五年後有什麼期許?史提夫:我希望屆時我可以擔任較高階的職位,我的目標是進入管理階層。面試官:好的,史提夫。我們將在幾天後做決定,所以我們會儘快與你聯繫。
    • 生活必備字詞no matter + 疑問詞 不論/不管……No matter how hard life gets, I never give up hope.take on... / take...on 承擔……(工作、責任等)be in touch with... 尤指透過電話或信件)與……聯繫Are you still in touch with your friends from high school?
  3. Job Interview
    A few days after his interview, Steve receives a phone call.S: SteveH: Human resources directorH: Hello, Steve, this is Susan Wong. I’m the human resources director for Universal Management Consultants.S: Hello, Ms. Wong.H:
    I’ve got some good news for you. We have selected you out of all the
    other candidates to be our new junior management consultant.S: That’s great! I’m really excited about joining your company.H: When would you be able to start?S: The earliest I could start would be next week. Or would you need me sooner?H:
    No, next week is perfect. Come directly to my office at 9:00 AM on July
    15 because there are some forms you need to fill out first.S: I’ll be there bright and early. Thanks again for this opportunity.
    史提夫面試完幾天後,他接到一通電話。人資主任:你好,史提夫,我是王蘇珊。我是環球管理顧問公司的人力資源主任。史提夫 :您好,王小姐。人資主任:我有好消息給你。我們從所有的人選中選出你擔任我們公司新的初階管理顧問。史提夫 :太棒了!能加入貴公司的行列我真的很興奮。人資主任:你何時可以開始上班呢?史提夫 :我最快下禮拜可以開始上班。或者您需要我早點報到嗎?人資主任:不需要,下禮拜開始剛好。七月十五號早上九點鐘直接到我的辦公室來,因為你需要先填寫一些表格。史提夫 :我會一大早就來報到。再次感謝您給我這個機會。

    • 生活必備字詞be excited about...  對……感到興奮
    • Joey is excited about his upcoming wedding.
    • directly  adv. 直接地
    • fill out.../fill...out  填寫……
    • You have to go there and fill out the forms in person.
  4. The next day, Steve is meeting Mandy for coffee.M: Mandy  S: SteveM: How’s the job search going, Steve? Have you had anyluck yet?S: As a matter of fact, I have. I just got a job offer as a juniorconsultant with Universal Management Consultants.M: That’s great news! They’re lucky to be getting a great guylike you.S: Thanks, Mandy. I think I can go places with this job. Whatabout you? How is your hunt for the perfect job?M: Well, I’ve had two interviews so far, but I don’t think I’mgoing to be offered any of those positions.S: Really? Why not?M: I’m not sure if I had the skills they were looking for.S: Don’t worry. I’m sure you’ll find something good soon.M: Thanks for the vote of confidence, Steve. I really hope so.
    翌日,史提夫與曼蒂會面一起喝咖啡。曼 蒂: 史提夫,工作找得如何呢?你有什麼好運氣嗎?史提夫: 事實上,我有耶。我得到環球管理顧問公司的初階管理顧問一職。曼 蒂: 這真是好消息!能夠有你這麼棒的人才是他們的福氣。史提夫: 謝謝妳,曼蒂。我想這個工作我會做得很棒。妳呢?妳的理想工作找得如何?曼 蒂: 這個嘛,到目前為止我共參與兩個面試,但我覺得我不會得到任何一個職位。史提夫: 真的嗎?為什麼不會呢?曼 蒂: 我不確定我俱備了他們所要的技能。史提夫: 別擔心,我確定妳很快就能找到好工作。曼 蒂: 史提夫,謝謝你對我那麼有信心,我真的希望如此。

    生活必備字詞hunt [ hVnt ] n. 搜索,搜尋(加介詞 for)The hunt for the missing child went on for far  到目前為止,迄今(與現在完成式並用)So far, no one has broken Jon’s of confidence  信任,支持Sue took everyone’s praise as a vote of confidence.

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