Gel Nail 101

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  1. Define Sanitization
    Is a low level of disinfecting.  Some mice-organisms are destroyed.  Soap & water used.
  2. Define Disinfecting
    Is an effective was to destroy most micro organisms but not bacterial spores.  Chemicals are used like a antiseptic spray or wash.
  3. Define sterilization
    Least practical.  Kills all living organisms on surface like bacteria, viruses & bacterial spores.  This is achieved by high pressure moist heat (steam pressure or boiling water).
  4. Explain the term "universal precaustions
    Treat all blood & fluids as contaminated whether they are or not.
  5. How to get rid of Vapours in work area
    • 1. Make sure all lids on products are tight or something heavy to cover the lid.
    • 2.  Cover wast basket & empty often
    • 3.  use disposable wipes for brushes
  6. How to get rid of dust
    • use an ionizer 
    • hempa filters
    • disposable mask (painter or surgical) blocks the fine mist.
    • desk vent-charcoal filter is used in vent
  7. How to get rid of mist
    • a filtered mask
    • exhaust system to catch the mist & take away the contaminants away from work area.
    • use disposable towels to wife work surface.
  8. What is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?  And what precautions can you be taken to avoid the condition.
    CTS is when nerves & tendons in hands are over stressed.

    • To avoid the condition:
    • 1. keep nails a length so that you can still for a fist.
    • 2. frequent breaks
    • 3. Sit with neck straight & head centered over spin.  Keep the natural cure to the spine.
    • 4. feet flat on floor.
    • 5. good light.
    • 6. wrist straight-table @ a good height
    • 7.clients hands should be in a position so your not reaching.
    • 8.consider a nail machine.
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