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  1. A pharmacy technician repacks bulk solids dosage forms into unit dosed packages. What expiation date will appear on the package?
    A. 3 months
    B. 6 months
    C. 50% of labeled expiration date to a maximum of 1 year
    D. the original expiration date on the bulk solid
    50% of labeled expiration date to a maximum of 1 year
  2. Which dosage form is formulated to dissolve in the intestine rather than the stomach

    A. sublingual
    B. transdermal
    C. enteric-coated
    D. intranasal
    C. enteric-coated
    (this multiple choice question has been scrambled)
  3. What is the term for the process by which substances are taken up and transported to the bloodstream?

    A. excretion
    B. metabolism
    C. absorption
    D. distribution
    C. absorption
    (this multiple choice question has been scrambled)
  4. What is "room temperature"?

    A. 2-8 degrees Centigrade
    B. 8-15 degrees Centigrade
    C.15-30 degrees Centigrade
    D. 30-40 degrees Centigrade
    B. 8-15 degrees Centigrade
    (this multiple choice question has been scrambled)
  5. The process whereby a drug is transformed by the liver is referred to as ;

    A. metabolism
    B. absorption
    C. distribution
    D. excretion
    A. metabolism
    (this multiple choice question has been scrambled)
  6. The dispensing label on an outpatient pharmacy prescription requires:

    A. physicians DEA#
    B. physicians state license #
    C. manufactures lot #
    D. legal name of pharmacy and address
    D. legal name of pharmacy and address
    (this multiple choice question has been scrambled)
  7. The directions for use of a medication are " ii gtts au q 4 h x 5d" ". What is au? 

    A. in both eyes
    B. in both ears
    C. in right eye
    D. in right ear
    in both ears
  8. Which of the following dosage forms is formulated to mask an objectionable taste of a medication?

    A. film-coated tablets
    B. buccal tablets
    C. sublingual tablets
    D. chewable tablets
    A. film-coated tablets
    (this multiple choice question has been scrambled)
  9. Which of the following dosage forms has the highest concentration of alcohol in it's formulation?

    A. a syrup
    B. an elixir
    C. a tincture
    D. an emulsion
    a tincture
  10. Which of the following is not required on a unit dosed packaged drug?

    A. expiration date
    B. lot #
    C. storage requirements
    D. strength of medication
    storage requirements
  11. The abbreviation "PCN " means what ?
  12. Which of the following 2 drugs classes have cross sensitivity?

    A. tetracycline and penicillin
    B. penicillin and erythromycin
    C. erythromycin and penicillin
    D. penicillin and cephalosporin
    penicillin and cephalosporin
  13. What is the storage requirement for reconstituted amoxicillin 250mg/5ml?

    A. -4 to 4 degrees F
    B 36 to 46 degrees F
    C. 46 to 59 degrees F
    D. 59 to 86 degrees F
    36 to 46 degrees F
  14. What schedule are the following drug products?

    Vicodin  ______
    Valium _____

    Codeine ____

    Lomotil _____
    Vicodin C-III Valium C IV  Codeine C-II  Lomotil  C-V
  15. How does activated charcoal work in an overdose?
    Absorbed the poison
  16. The dose of syrup of ipecac for children is ?
    15 ml
  17. The normal dose of fexofenadine is ?

    A. 10 mg daily
    B. 25mg bid
    C. 50mg daily
    D. 60mg bid
    60 mg bid
  18. The highest strength of Demerol is : 

    A. 10mg
    B. 25mg
    C. 50mg
    D. 100mg
    100 mg
  19. List 3 known routes of transmission of HIV infections
    Bodily fluids, blood transfusions, mom to fetus
  20. Medication class of Provera ?

    A. estrogen
    B. progestin
    C. testosterone
    D. eye drop
  21. selling price
    cost =( cost x percentage markup)
  22. Which of the following drugs is not and OTC product?

    A. Advil
    B. Nuperin
    C. Ibuprofen 400mg
    D Tylenol suppositories
    Ibuprofen 400 mg
  23. Celsius to Fahrenheit
    F= (9/5)x C + 32
  24. What is "syrup of Ipecac" indicated for?
    to induce vomiting
  25. Recals 

    Class 1
    Class 2

    Class 3
    • Class 1 death
    • Class 2 exposure to drugs causes temporary or reversible side effects
    • Class 3 exposure to drugs causes no harm probably just mislabeled
  26. A patient on warfarin therapy should never take which of the following medications ?

    A. Percocet
    B. Tylenol
    C. Dermerol
    Percodan   (aspirin /oxycodone)
  27. The largest amount of energy in a IV bag is
    comes form FATS
  28. Which of the following is a Scheduled controlled substance ?

    A lomotil
    B. Xanax
    C. Demerol
    D. Haldol
    A lomotil  diphenoxylate diarrhea

    B. Xanax    alprazolam benzodiapram        anxiety

    C. Demerol   meperidine   pain reliever

    D. Haldol   haloperidol psychosic 
  29. Heparin belongs to which pharmacological category?
    anticoagulant Blood thinner
  30. Which of the following medications is an anticonvulsant?

    A. atenolol
    B dextromethorphan 
    C, carbamazepine
    D. Isoxsuprine
    A. atenolol  Beta Blocker Tenormin

    B dextromethorphan cough suppressant Delsym 

    C. carbamazepine seizure & nerve pain  Tegretol

    D. Isoxsuprine relaxer vein and arteries Vasodilan
  31. Terbutaline belongs to which drug classification?
    A. antineoplastic 
    B. anticonvulsant
    C. bronchodilator
    Bronchodilator treat bronchospasm
  32. know Histamine 2 blockers generic and brand names 
    •  cimetidine  Tagament
    • famotidine   Pepcid
    • nizatidine   Axid
    • ranitidine  Zantac
  33. The joint action of drugs in which their combined effect is more intense or longer in duration the the sum of their individual effects is:
  34. D or d
  35. The most used dug in Parkinsonism is?

    A. Cogentin
    B. Sinemet
    C. Permax
    D. symmetrel
    Sinemet (Carbidopa/levodopa)
  36. M or m
  37. The exact amount of a drug administered to get a specific response is the ?
  38. L or l
  39. When dispensing an antidepressant: the patent should be informed that :
    It may take as ling as two weeks before the drug is effective.
  40. X or x
  41. Which drug has a loading dose as part of the regimen?

    A. Macrodantin
    B. Zithromax
    C. Cipro
    D. Doxycyline
  42. Treatment for migraine is most effective if 

    A. the headache is full blown
    B. initiated early in the attack 
    C. the headache occurs more than twice a month
    D. the pattern is predictable
    Initiated early in the attack
  43. Net profit 
    selling price - ( cost + overhead)
  44. Expectorants are used in lung disease to 
    A. dry up secretions
    B. prevent coughing
    C. stimulate respiratory secretions and breakup mucus
    Stimulate respiratory secretions and breakup mucus.
  45. Clarks Rule
    Adult Dose X (Weight ÷ 150) = Childs Dose
  46. Which drugs listed should be taken on an empty stomach

    A. tetracycline
    C. Dilantin
    Tetracycline  full glass of water and not to lay down 30 min after taking medication to prevent getting stuck in throat
  47. Youngs's rule 
    Adult Dose X (Age ÷ (Age+12)) = Child's Dose
  48. Which b vitamins need to be given IM?

    A. B1
    B. B2
    C. B6
    D. B12
    B 12 cyanocobalmin (man made)
  49. 1 kg = ___ lb
  50. The technician should check for which drugs in the profile if the patien is on a potassium supplement?

    A. ACE inhibitors
    C Maxzide
    ACE inhibitors

    Dyazide  triamterene and hydrochlorothiazide

    Maxzide  triamterene and hydrochlorothiazide
  51. Nitroglycerin may be stored in :
    an amber glass bottle , original container
  52. Why are diuretics commonly used in congestive heart failure ?
    to decrease the amount of fluid in the body  by increasing urination
  53. 1 gallon =  ____ ml
    3785 ml
  54. Most super potent topical steroids have restrictions limiting their use to :
    2 weeks , 40-50grams in one week
  55. The NSAID most frequently used to treat gout is 

    A. indomethacin
    B. naproxen 
    C. allopurinol
    D. colchicine
  56. methylphenidate treats
    • ADHD
    • Narcolepsy
  57. Which urinary analgesic will turn urine orange?

    A. septra
    B. Pyridium
    C. Dyazide
    D. Maxzide
    Pyridium Phenazopyridine sometimes red need doctors permisione to do generic
  58. Which drug dissolves a clot once it has formed?
    Urokinase (Abbokinase)
  59. Which book gives information on general disease categories and their treatments
     Merck index
  60. Which drug reduces blood pressure and grows hair
    Loniten   Minoxidil
  61. Which antibiotics cause photo-sensitivity ?
     Bactrim DS/ Septra DS ( sulfameth / trimeth)

    Tetracycline ( all the cyclines)
  62. What drug is a loop diuretic ?
  63. The three parts of a needle are:
    Shaft, lumen, and hub
  64. The drug most used for an acute gout attack is ?

    A. Zyloprim
    B. Colchicine
    C. Benemid 
    D. Accutane
    Zyloprim    Allopurinol
  65. Digoxin is a 
    • Cardiac glycoside  most inportant 
    • Anti-aahythmic
  66. Which drug is a calcium channel blocker?

    A. digoxin
    B. nitroglycerin
    C. verapamil
    D zestril
    Verapamil Calan
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