town police clause act 1847 offences

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  1. section 40
    Persons applying for licence to sign a requisition

    (A) a person stating in a document the name of a person not a proprietor or willfully omitting to specify the proprietor

    (B) a proprietor who fails to insure the vehicle

    (C) a proprietor who sells his vehicle without a plate
  2. section 41
    the number to be painted or marked on the plates to be fixed on such carriage

    a proprietor who fails to display signs indicating it is a hackney carriage and the carriage number
  3. section 44
    Notice to be given by proprietors of hackney carriages of any change of abode

    an owner of a hackney carriage who fails to notify the local authority of a change of address in writing (within 7 days )
  4. section 45
     Penalty for plying for hire without a licence

    • (A) An owner of a hackney carriage who permits the vehicle to ply for hire within the district without obtaining a licence for its use,
    • (B) or if the licence is suspended
    • (C) or using a vehicle without clearly displaying the number of the vehicle
    • (D) or outside the district for which they are licenced
  5. section 46
    Drivers not to act without first obtaining a licence 

    a driver who acts as a driver of a hackney carridge without obtaining a licence
  6. section 47
    Penalty on drivers acting without licence, or proprietors employing unlicensed drivers

    a proprietor who employs an unlicensed persons to drive a hackney carriage
  7. section 48
    Proprietor to retain licences of drivers, and to produce the same before justices on complaint

    • (A) a proprietor if a hackney who neglects to have delivered to him the licence of a driver
    • (B) or fails to retain in his possession such a licence
    • (C) refuses or neglects to produce such licence
  8. section 55
    Agreement to pay more than the legal fare

    a driver of a hackney any sum over and above the fare allowed
  9. section 56
    Agreements to carry passengers a discretionary distance for a fixed sum

    a proprietor or driver of a hackney who agrees to carry people over a certain distance, charges more for the journey than the fare allowed
  10. section 58
    Penalty on proprietors, etc convicted of overcharging

    a proprietor of a hackney accused of over charging
  11. section 59
    Penalty for permitting persons to ride without consent of hirer

    a proprietor or driver which is hired, suffers any person to be carried without express concent of the person hiring the vehicle
  12. section 60
    No unauthorized person to act as driver

    a driver of a hackney who allows another person, whether licensed or not, to act as the driver of a vehicle without the concent
  13. section 61
    Penalty on drivers for drunkenness, furious driving, etc

    • (A) a driver of a hackney or any other person who is intoxicated while driving 
    • (B) or who causes injury to any person by wanton and furious driving 
    • (B) or by any other misconduct
  14. section 64
     Penalty on drivers obstructing other drivers

    • (A) a driver of a hackney who obstructs another hackney in taking up or setting down passengers
    • (B) or prevents a hackney from being hired in a forcible manner
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