TVF 462 Mid-Term

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  1. Hugo Munsterberg is known for
    writing about how films are similar to human thoughts; daydreaming, dreams and memories
  2. Mind Screen
    What Munsterberg called cinema
  3. Rudolf Arnheim is known for
    that movies are art, films are reality, not realistic, movies should not have sound
  4. Arnheim & Musterberg don't believe films should...
    Be Realistic
  5. Sergei Eisenstein is known for...
    calling each shot in a movie a cell, has the theory of "Dialectical Montage"
  6. Dialectical Montage
    Where each shot of a film "blends" or "collides" with each other
  7. Andre Bazin is known for
    Creating the Cashiers du Cinema magazine, the "mise--en-scene" theory, films should be close to reality as possible
  8. Genres are made up of these 2 things
    Conventions & Iconography
  9. Genre conventions are...
    recurring narrative & stylistic elements
  10. Genre Iconography are
    visual cues of a conventions; settings, shots, sounds, etc
  11. This genre was named by critics
    Film Noir
  12. The origins of genres
    from another medium, some relate to historical events, some come from technology
  13. Why do audience enjoy the same conventions over and over? (Social Functions of Genre)
    Predictable reaffirmations of cultural values; e.g. holidays
  14. Genre reflect... (Genres as Social Reflections)
    the time they're made
  15. criticisms of psychoanalysis
    ignores difference between spectator, their race, class, sexual preference and education

    makes all movies seem the same
  16. Laura Mulvey's feminism theory on film
    cinema is there to give male viewers control and pleasure

    male characters are active, female characters are passive

    The female is an object
  17. Mulvey's views on men in film
    They are the subject, they are active and the investigator
  18. Mulvey's views on female in films
    They are the object, they are passive, the spectacle and the fetish object
  19. 2 ways men can look at women w/o being uncomfortable, based on Mulvey's views
    through voyeurism and fetishism
  20. Main argument towards Mulvey's view
    Movie spectators could identify with both sexes
  21. Metz's theory
    Cinema involves voyeurism, the actors don't know they are being watched
  22. Baudry's theories
    Cinema sets up an ideal view, making us forget it's a movie

    Men overpower women in film to overcome castration anxiety.
  23. Criticism of psychothearpy
    treats every spectator the same

    makes all movies seem the same

    no empirical proof
  24. The start of the feminst film theory
  25. Author of"The Feminine Mystique"
    Betty Friedan
  26. The Feminine Mystique argues
    that a woman has to be more than a housewife, mother; these things are not fulfilling to women
  27. Author of "Reverence to Rape"
    Molly Haskell
  28. Reverence to Rape talks about...
    how films reflect how society views women and starts the feminism reflection theory
  29. Feminist film studies want to push women to...
    make films
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