reporting verbs

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  1. zgadzac sie
    agree to infinitive
  2. twierdzic
    claim to infinitive
  3. rzadac
    demand to infinitive
  4. oferowac
    offer to infinitive
  5. obiecac
    promise to infinitive
  6. odmawiac
    refuse to infinitive
  7. grozic
    threaten to infinitive
  8. radzic
    advise sb to infinitive
  9. pytac, prosic
    ask sb to infinitive
  10. blagac
    beg sb to infinitive
  11. rozkazywac
    command sb to infinitive
  12. zachecic
    encourage sb to infinitive
  13. zakazac
    forbid sb to infinitive
  14. zaprosic
    invite sb to infinitive
  15. rozkazac
    order sb to infinitive
  16. przypomniec
    remind sb to infinitive
  17. ostrzegac
    warn sb to infinitive
  18. przekonac 2
    convince, persuade sb to infinitive
  19. oskarzac
    accuse sb of gerund
  20. przyznac
    admit gerund
  21. przeprosic
    apologize for gerund
  22. obwiniac
    blame sb for gerund
  23. narzekac
    complain of gerund
  24. zaprzeczyc
    deny gerund
  25. nalegac
    insist on gerund
  26. polecac
    recommend gerund
  27. sugerowac
    suggest gerund

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reporting verbs
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reporting verbs

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