Master Tran Hapkido Terminology

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  1. Basic form #1
    Kwon bup il bun
  2. Crescent kick
    Bandal chagi
  3. Shin kick
    An ta ri
  4. Knife hand press
    Kahl kuk ki
  5. Wrist lock
    Sohn mok kuk ki
  6. Arm Bar
    Gahmah kuk ki
  7. Turning Break
    Dolah kuk ki
  8. Yu
    Theory of Flowing Water
  9. Won
    Theory of the circle
  10. Wha
    Theory of harmony
  11. Definition of Hapkido
    Hapkido is the way to harmony through body and mind coordination
  12. Wrist grab
    Sohn mok sool
  13. Front of body defense
    Jun shin sool
  14. Back of body defense
    Hoo shin sool
  15. Ground defense
    Wah ki
  16. Basic form
    Ki Cho Hyung
  17. Fighting form
    Hwal young sool
  18. Basic self defense
    Kibon hosinsul
  19. Breathing technique
    Dan jun ho hap
  20. Turning step
    Hue jun
  21. Ten Korean Virtures
    • Honor
    • Humility
    • Wisdom
    • Morality
    • Respect
    • Discipline
    • Loyalty
    • Chastity
    • Perseverance
    • Common sense
  22. The O Ryoon are the five moral disciplines in the human relations
    • Loyalty to country
    • Companionship, respect and loyalty between father and son
    • Fidelity in the wife and husband relationship
    • Sincerity with friends
    • Respect and reverence of the younger to the elder
  23. First three of the 10 directions of hapkido by the founder of the International Hapkido Federation- Doju Myoung, Jae Nam
    The Hapkido student must realize that nature is energy and should practice Hapkido in the belief that energy of nature protects me.

    The Hapkido student should pursue a way, which can integrate the energy of the sky and earth

    Defense must be the supreme goal of the Hapkido student
  24. Front of Body Grab Defense
    Ahp mom tong jahp ki sool
  25. Low Sleeve Grab Defense
    Hah so meh jahp ki sool
  26. Middle sleeve grab defense
    Joong so meh jahp ki sool
  27. Shoulder grab defense
    Uh kkeh jahp ki sool
  28. Twist or lock
    keuk ki
  29. Throw or take down
    Dun chi ki
  30. To hit
    chi ki
  31. Joong Do
    Meaning the middle way which is a very important concept in Buddhism
  32. Releases
    Heem Paeki
  33. Break fall
    Nak bop
  34. Off balancing
    Ghi Wooreki
  35. Throwing
  36. Front Lapel Grab Defense
    Miuhk-Sal-Jahp-Ki Sool
  37. Belt Grab Defense
    Twie Jahp-Ki Sool
  38. Back of Neck Grab Defense
    Dweet-Mok Jahp-Ki Sool
  39. Applications
  40. Focus of Eyes
    Shi Sun
  41. Piece of Mind/Confidence
    Pyung Ahn
  42. President of Association or school
    Hae Jang Nim
  43. Arm bar technique
    Sip Ja Ge Bup
  44. Free Sparring
    Ja You Dae Ry Un
  45. Face each other
    Jwa oo hyung oo
  46. Sparring techniques
    Kyuk ki do bup
  47. I am sorry
    Me an hum nee da
  48. I don't know
    Moo la yo
  49. I understand
    Ia da sem ne da
  50. Yes
  51. No
  52. A hand fan
    Son Paen
  53. Founder of a martial art style
    Kook Sa Nim or Do Ju Nim
  54. 4th through 6th Directions of Hapkido by the Founder
    • #4.  The Hapkido Student shall follow fight way like the energy of nature.
    • #5.  The Hapkido Student shall not denounce any other martial arts
    • #6  The Hapkido Student should be a person who contributes to the National Defense and the health of other human beings.
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