Osvaldo Grammar nov 2013

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  1. simple past of WORK:

    He ________ yesterday.

    He _________ (not work) last night.
    He worked yesterday.

    he didn't work last night.
  2. simple past of PLAY:

    He ________ soccer yesterday.
    He _________ soccer (not play) last night.
    ______ he ________ soccer last week?
    • He played soccer yesterday.
    • He didn't play soccer (not play) last night.
    • Did he play soccer last week?
  3. Simple past HAVE:

    We _______ breakfast early.
    We ________(not have) breakfast late.
    _____ you ______ breakfast?
    • We had breakfast early.
    • We didn't have breakfast late.
    • Did you have breakfast?
  4. simple past DRIVE

    My mother _____ me to school.
    My sister __________ me to school.
    ____ your mother ______ you to school?
    drove : My mother drove me to school.

    didn't drive

    Did she drive you to school?
  5. simple past RIDE

    I _______ my bike yesterday.
    I _________ my bike today.
    _____ you ______ your bike last week?
    • I rode my bike yesterday.
    • I didn't ride my bike today.
    • Did you ride your bike last week?
  6. simple past live

    I _________ in Australia when I was a child.
    I lived in Australia when I was a child.
  7. simple past: (live - not)

    We ________ in Naranjo last year.
    We didn't live in Naranjo last year.
  8. simple past: Live

    ____ you _____ in Naranjo last year?

    Yes, ________
    No, _________
    Did you live in Naranjo last year?

    • Yes, I did.
    • No, I didn't.
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