Nestle Speech

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  1. What is your Name and in what capacity do you work for Nestle?
    A: I am (            ), and I am the Safety Officer for Nestle Incorporated in Jonesboro, Arkansas
  2. Can you tell us what happened?
    A: An explosion has occurred during shift change here at our plant, and we are currently working with rescue workers, first responders and local authorities to assist the victims. At Nestle, our first priority is our employees and our neighbors, and so we are doing everything possible to aid in the rescue attempts, and our hearts and prayers are with our workers and families.
  3. How many injuries and deaths?
    A:  The rescue attempts are still underway, and while we are certain that there are fatalities and serious injuries, we do not yet know how many.
  4. What efforts are being made to rescue trapped workers?
    A: The Jonesboro Police, Fire, and Rescue workers along with multiple ambulance crews are at the scene and we are assisting in any way possible with the rescue and recovery efforts.
  5. Where can family members go to check on loved ones?
    The Craighead County Office of Emergency Management has established a command center here at the plant and are working with the local hospitals who are receiving casualties. We are communicating with them continually and have setup a toll-free number for families to call and verify the status of our employees and their loved ones. That number is 1800-888-8888.
  6. Can you tell us who is at fault and what caused the accident?
    A: The cause of the accident is unknown at this time and is under investigation.
  7. Can you tell us why the Bomb Squad is here?
    A:Any time an explosion occurs, the bomb squad is dispatched by emergency managers to assist with both security and safety of the accident site, as well as to assist with the investigation of the incident.
  8. So are you ruling out a terrorist attack?
    A: It is far too early to determine the cause of the explosion. Right now our priority is the safe rescue of everyone inside the plant and in the vicinity of the plant, as well as communicating with the families of our employees and our neighbors.
  9. Is another explosion possible and is it safe to travel in the area?
    A. At this point, the cause of the explosion is unclear and we have not yet secured the site. JPD is asking that all traffic be detoured well outside this area in order to allow emergency vehicles in and out of the plant area, and in order to ensure the safety of everyone.
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