LA2: Equine Dz and Med Condit. (No vx 2)

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  1. What is another name for moon blindness?
  2. What does ERU stand for?
    equine recurrent uveititis
  3. The official cause for moon blindness is unknown but what is suspected?
    immune response to lepto or parasitic infx
  4. What breed commonly gets mood blindness?
  5. Symptoms of mood blindness:CTBC
    • corneal edema
    • tearing
    • blepharism
    • chronic=most common cause of blindness
  6. In rain scald/rot the bacterial skin infx acts like a fungus. What is its name?DC
    Dermatophilosis congolensis
  7. Symptoms of rain scald/rot:CH
    • crusty lesions on back
    • hair pulls out easily
  8. On a direct smear made with diff-quik what does rain scald/rot look like?
    railroad tracks
  9. What is scratches?
    superficial bacterial infx of skin
  10. Scratches commonly is caused by the same bacteria as what?
    rain scald/rot (Dermatophilosis congolensis)
  11. Where does crust form with scratches?
    legs and fetlock region
  12. Scratches is said to be common on...
    white legs in wet areas
  13. What causes a hoof abcess?
    foreign body punctures hoof at white line
  14. What is the aka of a hood abcess?
  15. Symptoms of a hoof abcess:AFI
    • acute lameness
    • foot feels warm
    • inc digital pulse
  16. If the abcess can not be pored out once identified with a hoof tester what is done?
    • soak foot
    • give tatanus booster prn
  17. What is a common condition of the digit?
    navicular syndrome
  18. Navicular syndrome is a anatomical condition common in what 2 breeds?
    • quarter horse
    • thorough bred
  19. Symptoms of navicular syndrome:PM
    • puts weight on toe
    • mimicks shoulder pain
  20. When dx navivular syndrome how many rads are taken?
    10 (5 views on each front)
  21. What can be seen on a rad of navicular syndrome?
    "lolli pops"
  22. What is the cause of cushings?PH
    pituitary hyperplasia
  23. Symptoms of cushings:HSPWPCL
    • hirsuism (long wavy coat0
    • sweat easily
    • pop belly
    • weight loss
    • PU/PD
    • chronic infx
    • laminitis
  24. What is the test for cushings?
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