Intro to Busniness

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  1. Retailer/Wholesaler
    Retailer- A middleman that buys from producers or other middleman and sells to consumers 

    Wholesaler- A middleman that sells products to other firms
  2. Intensive/Selective/Exclusive Distribution
    Intensive Distribution- the use of all available outlets for a product

    Selective Distribution- the use of only a portion of the available outlets for product in each geographic area 

    Exclusive Distribution- the use of only a singe retail outlet for a product in a large geographic area
  3. Supply-Chain Management
    long-tern partnership among channel members working together to create a distribution system that reduces inefficiencies costs.
  4. Vertical Marketing System
    A centrally managed distribution channel resulting from vertical channel integration
  5. Vertical Channel Integration
    The combining of two or more stages of a distribution channel under a single firm's management
  6. Agent/Broker
    Agent represent and Broker specializes
  7. Department Store
    a retail store that employs 25 or more persons and sells at least furnishers, appliances and etc,  each in different part of the store
  8. Discount Store
    A self-service general-merchandise outlet that sells products at lower-than-usual prices
  9. Convenience Store
    • A small food store that sells a limited variety of products but remains open well beyond normal business
    • -ex 7 eleven
  10. SuperMarket/SuperStore
    SuperMarket- a large self-service store that sells primarily food and household products

    SuperStore- a large retail store that carries not only food and nonfood products plus  additional product lines
  11. Direct/Catalog Marketing
    Direct- telephone, internet, and non personal media

    Catalog-provide catalog
  12. Automatic Vending
    The use of machines to dispense products
  13. Physical Distribution
    All the activities concerned with the efficient movement of products from the producer to the ultimate user
  14. Inventory Management
    The process of managing inventories in such a way as to minimize inventory costs, including both holding costs and potential stockout costs
  15. Carrier
    a firm that offers transportation services
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