India Midterm 2

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  1. Mathura vs Gondara
    • Katra Mound, Mathura
    • look at the symbols to say its the buddha
  2. Bimaran Reliquary
  3. Kanishka reliquary
  4. Buddha vs Bodhisattva
    and Bodhisattva Maitreya
  5. Birth of the Buddha images
  6. Images of Kanishka from Mat (by mathura)
  7. Wema Kadphises related to other surya images
  8. (giant wine holder)
  9. Art of Gupta India
    319 - 550
  10. weird year differences in dating Gupta era
    Gupta era year 82 = BCE year 401/2
    • Rock Cut Sanctuary at Udayagiri (Gupta era)
    • Vishnu Image - Boar
  11. Ganges and Jamuna River Reliefs
    no pic
  12. Ganesha - stands for "beginnings"
  13. Story Durga Slaying Buffalo
  14. Ajanta
    200 BC - 500 AD
  15. Chaitya hall caves
    Many with images of the Buddha, especially in a giving gesture - like you'll recieve knowledge
  16. Viharas
    "a monastic enclosure edged by monks' cells
  17. Ajanta Cave 1
    argued to have mandala architype, w/ layers of importance moving to a central sacred spot where the Buddha was seated in teaching mudra
  18. How do we know that Ajanta used the mandala?
    In cave 2 there is a painting of a mandala on the cieling
  19. Ajanta Cave 17
    • story of the Island of Ogresses
  20. Elephanta local name
  21. Elephanta dating c. 500- 550
    (not quite 6-9th century)
    • Suggests:
    • gold coins under the king Krishnaraja (6th)

    style of inscription on base of Brahma image (9th)
  22. inside Elephanta on South wall
    • left: Shiva as half woman w/ Parvati
    • mid:Shiva Mahesvara
    • right: Shiva with river Ganges

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