Intro to Business

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  1. Promotion
    communication about an organization and its products that is intended to inform, persuade, or remind target-market members
  2. Integrated Marketing Communications
    Coordination of promotion efforts to ensure their maximal informational and persuasive impact on customers.
  3. Advertising
    A paid non personal message communicated to a select audience through a mss medium
  4. Sales Promotion
    The use of activities or materials as direct inducements to customers or salespersons
  5. Public Relations
    communication activities used to create and maintain favorable relations between an organization and various public groups, both internal and external
  6. Primary-Demand Advertising
    Advertising aimed at increasing the demand for all brands of a product within a specific industry
  7. Selective-Demand Advertising
    Advertising that is used to sell a particular brand of product
  8. Institutional Advertising
    Advertising designed to enhance a firm's image or reputation
  9. Out-of-Home advertising
    Short promotional messages on billboards, posters, signs, and transportation vehicles
  10. Informercial
    A program-Length televised commercial message resembling an entertainment or consumer affairs program
  11. Advertising Agency
    An independent firm that plans, produces and places advertising for its clients
  12. Order-Getter/Order-Taker
    Order-Getter- a salesperson who is responsible for selling a firm's products to new customers and increasing sales to present customers

    Order-Taker- A salesperson who handles repeat sales in ways that maintain positive relationships with customers
  13. Creative Selling
    Selling products to new customers and increasing sales to present customers
  14. Missionary Salesperson
    A salesperson -Generally employed by manufacturer visit retailers to persuade them to buy the manufacturer's products
  15. Trade Salesperson
    A salesperson who assists customers in promoting products, especially in retail stores
  16. Technical Salesperson
    A salesperson who assists a company's current customers in technical matters
  17. Sales Promotion
    Activities or materials that are direct inducements to customers or salespersons.
  18. Rebate/Coupon/Sample/Premium
    Rebate- a return of part of the product's purchase price

    Coupon- an offer reduces the retail price of a particular item by stated amount at the time of purchaseĀ 

    Sample- A free product given to customers to encourage trail and purchaseĀ 

    Premium- a gift that a producer offers to a customer
  19. Frequent-User Incentive
    Reward frequent clients
  20. Point-of-Purchase Display
    Promotional material placed within a retail store
  21. Cooperative Advertising
    An arrangement whereby a manufacturer agrees to pay a certain amount of a retailer's media cost for advertising the manufacturer's product
  22. Publicity
    Communication in news story form about an organization, its products, or both
  23. Promotional Campaign
    A plan for combing and using the four promotional methods- advertising, personal selling, sales promotion, and publicity- in a particular promotion mix to achieve one or more marketing goals
  24. Positioning
    The development of a product image in buyers' minds relative to the images they have of competing products
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