chp 5. latin number roots

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  1. uni
  2. union
    a combination so formed, especially an alliance
  3. uniform
    a distinctive outfit intended to idemtify those who wear it as members
  4. unique
    only one of a kind
  5. unicellular
    consisting of one cell
  6. unicameral
    one house; single legislative chamber
  7. du
  8. duel
    a contest between two individulas
  9. dual
    composed of tow parts; twofold
  10. duet
    a musical composition for two voices or instruments; a pair
  11. duplicity
    contradictory doubleness of thought, speech, or action; deceptiveness
  12. tri
  13. triangle
    a figure with three sides and three angles
  14. trio
    set of three, especially three musicians who perform together
  15. tricolor
    a flag having three colors arranged in equal horizontal or vertical bands
  16. trisect
    to divide or cut into three equal parts
  17. trident
    a long, three-pronged fork or weapon, especially three-pronged spear carried by the classical god if the sea, Neptune or Poseidon
  18. quadr
  19. quadrangle
    figure or area with four angles
  20. quadruplets
    four children born of the same mother at the same time
  21. quadruped
    animal with four feet
  22. quadrilingual
    one who speaks four languages
  23. quadrennium
    a period of four years
  24. quadricentennial
    a 400th anniversary
  25. quint
  26. quintuplets
    five children born to the same mother at the same time
  27. quintet
    group of five persons or things
  28. sex
  29. sextet
    a group of six
  30. sexagenarian
    a person between 60 and 70 years old; has lived 6 decades
  31. sept
  32. September
    the seventh month in the old Roman calendar ( now the ninth month)
  33. septes
    a group of seven
  34. septuagenarian
    a person between 70 and 80 years old; has lived 7 decades
  35. oct
  36. October
    the eight month in the old Roman calendar (now the tenth month)
  37. octet
    a group of eight
  38. octogenarian
    a person between 80 and 90 years old; has lived 8 decades
  39. nov
  40. November
    the ninth month in the old Roman calendar (now the 11th month)
  41. novena
    prayers and devotions for a special purpose, repeated for nine consecutive days
  42. dec
  43. December
    the tenth month in the old Roman calendar ( now the 12th month)
  44. decimal
    based on the number ten
  45. cent
  46. cent
    a hundredth part of a dollar
  47. century
    a hundred years
  48. centipede
    any of various wormlike arthropods of the class Chilopoda, numerous body segments, each with a pair of legs
  49. centennial
    a period of 100 years; occurring once every 100 years; 100th anniversary
  50. mill
  51. mill
    a thousandth part of a dollar; one-tenth of a cent
  52. million
    a thousand thousand
  53. millennium
    a period of 1,000 years
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