PE Quiz Hypokinetic Diseases

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  1. A disease related to, or caused by insufficient ACTIVITY and lack of REGULAR EXERCISE (sedentary living)?
    hypokinetic diseases
  2. Sedentary living costs our nation how much each year because of increased need for health care and loss of productivity?
    $150 Billion
  3. What is the best way to reduce ILLNESS and increase wellness in our society?
    regular physical activity
  4. Diseases that involve the HEART or BLODD VESSELS?
    cardiovascular diseases
  5. Cardiovascular disease is a primary or contributing cause of what percent of all deaths in our country?
  6. How many Americans currently have one or more form of cardiovascular disease?
    1 in every 4
  7. People get cardiovascular disease for many reasons.  Each one is called a what?
    risk factor
  8. Primary risk factors?
    • - sedentary or inactive living
    •  - smoking
    •  - high blood pressure (hypertension)
    •  - high fat levels in the blood
    •  - having too much body fat
    •  - having diabetes
  9. Secondary risk factors?
    • - stressful living
    •  - excessive alcohol use
  10. What are the pipelines that carry blood from the heart to all parts of your body?
  11. Type of cardiovascular disease:  closing of the arteries?
  12. Occurs when the blood supply into or within the heart is severely reduced or cut off?
    heart attack
  13. Occurs when oxygen in the blood supply to the brain is severely reduced or cut off?
  14. High blood pressure is called what?  It is a primary risk factor for many cardiovascular diseases.
  15. The uncontrollable GROWTH of ABNORMAL cells is what?
  16. 2nd leading cause of death in the United States?
  17. Cancer can be treated or even CURED if diagnosed when?
  18. The death rate is from all forms of cancer is lower in what?
    ACTIVE people
  19. What cancers are considered hypo kinetic because people who are physically active are less likely to get them than people who are inactive?
    BREAST and COLON cancer
  20. Many of these are thee same for heart disease and cancer?
    risk factors
  21. It is not clear why physical activity helps REDUCE the risk of cancer, but one of the health benefits is an active what?
    immune system
  22. When a persons body cannot regulate SUGAR levels, they have what?
  23. A person with diabetes will have excessively high what? (until he or she gets medical assistance)
    blood sugar
  24. Over time, diabetes can damage what?
    • blood vessels
    • heart
    • kidneys
    • eyes
  25. A very high level of sugar in the blood can cause what?
    • coma
    • death
  26. This type of diabetes is NOT a hypokinetic disease.  It is often HEREDITARY and accounts for 10% of all diabetics.
    Type 1
  27. Type 1 diabetics take what to help control blood sugar levels?
  28. Most common kind of diabetes?  Is a hypo kinetic disease because people who are physically ACTIVE are less likely to have it.
    Type 2
  29. Overfatness is considered to be a MAJOR risk factor for Type II diabetes.
  30. When a person has a high PERCENT of body FAT?
  31. Obesity is the result of?
  32. Having too much body fat contributes to other diseases such as?
    • heart disease
    • dibetes
  33. Since 1980 the incidence of obesity among teens has increased from what % to what %
    5% to 14% and increase of almost 300%
  34. When the structure of the BONES deteriorates and the bones become WEAK?
  35. Osteoporosis is most common among OLDER people but has beginnings in YOUTH.
  36. You develop your greatest xxxx xxxx when you are young?
    bone mass
  37. Those who xxxxxxxx regularly develop stinger xxxxx than those who are xxxxxxxxx?
    • exercise
    • bones
    • sedentary
  38. It is especially important to do physical activities that cause you to bear weight such as xxxxxxx, and that stress the bones, such as xxxxxxxxx training?
    • running
    • resistance
  39. If you do the right kinds of activity when you are YOUNG, you will build a higher what?
    peak bone mass
  40. As a result, if you lose bone mass as you get older, you will have stronger bones that is you hadn't done this at all?
    exercised while young
  41. Lack of this in the diet, especially when a person is young, contributes to osteoporosis?
  42. Who are more likely to have osteoporosis than men because of hormonal changes that take place later in life?
  43. For bone health throughout life, good xxxxxxxx, and regular xxxxxxx,and proper medical attention are necessary.
    • nutrition
    • exercise
  44. Lack of regular exercise?
  45. During a heart attack, the heart may beat ABNORMALLY or even stop beating.
  46. The more of these you have, the more chance you have a getting a disease?
    risk factors
  47. A disease related to or caused by insufficient activity and lack of regular exercise?
    hypokinetic disease
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