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chp 6: latin roots 1
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chp 6
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  1. ali
    an excuse; a form of defense to prove that he/ she was elsewhere
  2. alias
    an assumed name;another name
  3. alien
    a person who lives in one country but is a citizen of another country

    being inconsistent or opposed; offensive; repulsive
  4. inalienable
    not capable of being transferred to another
  5. alienate
    to cause to become unfriendly of indifferent; to remove or dissociate; to transfer property to the ownership of another
  6. alter
    other, another
  7. alteration
    the act or procedure of altering; modification; change
  8. alternative
    the choice between two of more possiblities
  9. alternate
    • a person acting in place of another; substitute
    • ┬áto occur in successive turns
    • happening or following in turns
  10. altercation
    a heated and noisy quarrel
  11. alturistic
    being concerned for the welfare of others, as opposed to egotistic; selfless
  12. alter ego
    a second self, as a trusted friend; the opposite side of a personality; counterpart
  13. am
    love, friend
  14. amateur
    • not professional
    • someone who does something because he/she likes it rather than for pay
  15. amour
    a usually illicit love affair; also a lover
  16. amorous
    strongly attractive to love, especially sexual love; indicative of love; of or associated with love; in love
  17. amatory
    of, pertaining to, or expressive of love
  18. amiable
    having a pleasant disposition; good-natured; cordial;sociable; congenial
  19. amicable
    friendly; characterized by or showing frienship
  20. amity
    peaceful relations, as between nations; friendship
  21. anim
    feeling, disposition
  22. animal
    any living being that is not a plant
  23. animated
    filled with life, activity, vigor, spirit; made or designed so as to seem alive and moving
  24. inanimate
    appearing lifeless or dead; dull
  25. unanimous
    of the opinion
  26. animosity
    ill will or resentment tending toward active hostility
  27. magnanimous
    showing or suggesting a lofty and courageous spirit; showing or suggesting nobility of feeling and generosity of mind
  28. aqua, aque
  29. aquaplane
    a board towed behind a speeding motorboat and ridden by a person standing on it
  30. aquarium
    a tank or pool for water animals and water plants
  31. aquamarine
    a pale blue to light greenish blue
  32. aqueduct
    a conduit for bringing water from a distance
  33. aquatic
    of or in water
  34. aqueous
    pertaining to, similar to, containing, or dissolved in water; watery
  35. Aquarius
    the eleventh sign of the zodiac; suggests a man pouring water
  36. arm
    weapon, arm
  37. armory
    a place in which arms are stored; an arsenal
  38. armistice
    a temporary cessation or suspension of hostilities by mutual consent; truce
  39. Armistice Day
    November 11, celebrated as the anniversary of the time armistice of world war I in 1918. Veterans Day
  40. Spanish Armada
    the fleet of warships that Spain dispatched against england in elizabethan times
  41. armada
    a fleet of warships; a large group of moving things
  42. armadillo
    a burrowing mammal with a covering of armorlike, jointed, bony plates
  43. armature
    a metal framework serving as a supporting core for clay sculpture; armor
  44. carn
  45. chili con carne
    a highly spiced dish made of red peppers, meat, and sometimes beans
  46. carnival
    the season just before lent, marked by merrymaking and feasting; a time of revelry; festival
  47. carnivorous
    flesh-eating or predatory
  48. reincarnation
    the act or process of being born in another body
  49. carnal
    relating to the desires and appetites of the flesh or body; sensual; worldly; or earthly
  50. carnage
    massive slaughter, as in war; massacre; dead and mutilated bodies
  51. carnassial
    adapted for tearing apart flesh, usually referring to teeth
  52. incarnation
    embodiment of spirit in an earthly form

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